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My First and Last Warped Tour

In my many years living, I was never pulled into the hype of Warped Tour. Warped Tour in Illinois is always held at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, which isn’t so far if you have a car (which I don’t).

I can’t say I’m into the rock and the punk genre, mainly because I listen to a bit of everything, so going to Warped Tour was only a tad bit exciting in my own opinion.

The first time I went to Warped Tour was in 2016 and it was with my ex boyfriend and his friend. At the time, I was focused more on the pop genre, which made me extremely uninterested in the event I was going to attend.

When we arrived, it was hot outside. That music festival took place outside and being a festival dedicated to punk music, it left people dehydrated. I recall my ex boyfriend bringing a pack of water bottles with us just so none of us would faint.

I was left with mixed feelings towards Warped Tour as a whole after 2016. I had a bad experience being near a mosh pit during Ice Nine Kills’ set (although they were good). I ran into people I knew and eventually, I was introduced to a band called Crown the Empire and liked them. It was a long day and I was just ready to go home.

Fast forward to today and thanks to a close friend, I had more of an interest to go to Warped Tour again (aside from the fact it was the very last Warped Tour). When I checked the set list, I noticed one of my favorite bands would be playing.

The band, Real Friends (who are from Mokena, IL) had been introduced to me a year prior and having been to their shows and album listening party for their recent album Composure, I had more motivation to attend and brave the pits and the pushing. Other bands I had been interested in seeing were Knuckle Puck, Mayday Parade, State Champs, All Time Low, and Crown the Empire (however, due to hunger and timing, we did not get to see them all).

One huge difference from my first time being at Warped Tour was that it was raining. I was relieved that I wasn’t going to get dehydrated, but I felt the rain slowly took away my motivation to attend.

As my friend and I spent our time exploring the last Tour, we listened in on other bands. One band that peaked my interest was an all girl band from Phoenix, AZ called Doll Skin. Personally, I was blown away by the vocal range on the lead singer, Sydney. I also admired their hair colors and their sense of style. As soon as we left, I looked up their music and immediately saved it to my playlist because that was fantastic music. Their most recent album, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, convinced me that these girls would be my new favorite band.

As we left Warped Tour, I didn’t have much of a melancholy feeling over the very last Warped Tour. I was glad to have attended, but once again, I listen to a bit of everything, so it was a good experience while it lasted. I was glad to see so many people having a good time and I was very happy with the performances I watched, so thank you Warped Tour.

3 thoughts on “My First and Last Warped Tour

    1. I also met Crown the Empire. Nice guys! Dollskin is a great band and especially for a young all girl band. That’s girl power and I met lead singer Sydney at the New Found Glory tour, she’s so chill and it’s like shes automatically a friend!

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