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The Introduction.

I never expected myself to end up here, writing for people. I saw myself on the morning news and telling the world of what is going on in the world. Thinking of the choices I made that brought me here, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This in my introduction.

My life is something I can’t sugarcoat. If I’m going to be honest, my whole backstory is a one big roller coaster of fake love, bullying, trauma, good laughs, adventures, and lots of change. I was raised in the northwest side of Chicago and before anyone comments on the danger in the city, I would like to say that I admire this city for its people, activities, and neighborhoods. There are things I complain about, but only time can tell when things can change.

I have four siblings, three brothers and an older sister. They are the greatest people in my life and without them, I’d probably be lost. I’m also a full-time mom of two. My kids are small and green and live in a tank. They are turtles. I don’t have a good connection with my dad’s side of the family and don’t intend on connecting for personal reasons. I do have a better connection with my mother’s side and my mother, herself. My dad passed when I was two, but he lives in my heart and I admire him (Which explains both the M. initial for my mom and the Gonzales last name being present).

I almost never reveal my author life to anyone until maybe four weeks. It feels weird when people get so shocked over something like publishing two books. I am proud of what I’ve done but I feel like I can do better. Scratch that, I will do better, I am working on plenty more books!

I wanted to be a journalist at first, but I during my first semester in college, I saw it wasn’t the right choice for me. College and I aren’t the best of friends…

Aside from writing and publishing books, makeup has always been a huge part of my life. I started when I was fourteen and, like every other teen from 2004 and older, it was a disaster. However, as time moved on, I got better and little did I know, I wanted to do more with my practices. I decided I would look into becoming a cosmetologist. I love learning about makeup and skincare, especially natural remedies to impurities. This subject will probably most talked about in this blog, but I’ll have much more to talk about.

I’m excited to start this blog and I hope all who read this like what I post! I am determined to write as much as possible and to write about the things I love!

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