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My (Accidental) Ulta Beauty Haul

So Ulta has been a one of my favorite retail stores for the access to both high end and drugstore products, along with a salon, Benefit Browbar and the Dermalogica Skinbar. I have been shopping there for about a year and eventually was offered to work with them. As a customer, I’m exposed to a lot of help from the employees, a fantastic loyalty program, and so much variety when it comes to cosmetics. As an employee, I get the retail experience and I get to help people and share that love for Ulta with customers. Ulta is a place that I can call my home.

Today, I made a plan to pick up some things I needed, like concealer and a new highlight. I was planning on picking up a highlight from Anastasia Beverly Hills and either Tarte’s Shape Tape or Too Faced’s new Born This Way full coverage concealer. It was a smooth plan until I got the notification that Morphe’s 35O palette would go on sale for only fifteen dollars.

I have to admit, I own no palettes by Morphe and thought “I can splurge the extra fifteen, why not?” I picked up the palette during my shift and kept it on hold.

When I arrived to start my shift, I saw the store had gone through some changes. Usually, when there are new products or new advertisements, the staff gets together and moves products around to make room for new ads. One thing in particular that grabbed my attention were the many clearance racks in the store. When I asked what was going on, I was told many products were on clearance and whatever was on a rack was also half off. With or without an employee discount, that was a good deal and both store associates and customers were piling on the products. I did not blame them because I ended up hauling to. Here’s what I bought:

  • Dream Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills: Originally, I was planning to get the Sweet Peach Highlight by Too Faced during it’s Hot Buy, but I settled to get the palette I wanted since it was announced. Swatching it, the formula has more glitter dream glow kitand is different from the other glow kits I’ve tried. The names I admire and the colors are so beautiful. I do own the Aurora Glow Kit, which contains some cool toned highlights, which I also love, but the Dream Glow Kit has warmer tones and I’m ready to make my cheekbones shine like a pixie mixed with a unicorn.
  • Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer by Too Faced: I figured, since Too Faced is my favorite prestige product, I should buy their newest product. Working with popular (and one of the coolest) beauty Youtuber, Jackie Aina, to extend their shade range, Too Faced decided they would release a full coverage version of their original Born This Way Concealer and with a bigger wand for all the coverage.too faced concealer I’m excited to try it, but I’m not done with my current Concealer in a Jar by NYX Cosmetics (which is a good full coverage concealer on a budget), so I won’t try it anytime soon.
  • 35O Nature Glow Palette by Morphe: Today was the day Ulta decided to put this palette on a Hot Buy, where one can get the palette, not for 23 dollars, but for fifteen. It’s a good deal, and even without it, Morphe has affordable products that do more than just the job. morphe paletteMorphe is a brand that collaborates with artists like Jaclyn Hill, Nikita Dragun and Bretman Rock. There has never been a day where Morphe has giving me a bad impression, and I’ve only owned their Brontour in Vlogger. I’m excited to swatch the palette, but from the warm tones, I think this will end up being a nice fall palette.
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette by Too Faced: When I saw this palette was on sale, I wanted to cry. I remember every time I would go to my Ulta alone, I would go straight to the Too Faced section and sniff that specific palette, along the Chocolate Palette. This palette looks like the perfect travel buddy and it contains nice natural colors with a pop of that jelly color!pb and j palette I would for sure wear it if I’m in a rush, but at the same time, I don’t want to because it’s so cute!
  • Pore Score Set by Benefit Cosmetics: I get along with the Benefit Brow Expert at our Ulta and he tried convincing me to buy all of the Benefit products that were on clearance. I do have the worst pore situation on my nose so when I saw this set, I knew I had to have it. kit-benefit-pore-score-promo-setThis set contains a full sized Porefessional Pore Primer and a mini sized Porefessional Matte Rescue Gel and It’s Potent! Eye Cream. The primer itself I admire, and the gel I like when you’ve worn your makeup for a long while and the oils are seeping through. Normally I don’t use eye creams, but I am looking forward to trying this one to see if I go through any brightening changes.
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap by Duke Cannon: Okay, so I bought this only for the name… I found the soap when I was clearing off the Father’s Day products, and I knew I had to buy it someday. Luckily for me, it was on sale. big ASS soapAnother excuse to buy it was that my older’s brother’s birthday is next month so it would be perfect. I don’t plan on using it, but I hope my brother has good use for that soap.
  • Cleansing Bar for Face and Body by Clinique: Now it’s OKAY to admit people have body acne. I don’t get it often, but when it happens, it happens. soapysClinique is a brand that I trust with skincare since their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel has been working miracles on my face. I want to test it to see if it works, but I have high expectations for it.
  • Back to School Supplies Kit by Clinique: This was probably the most disappointing but also hilarious box I bought. The original purpose of getting the kit was because it came with a free tote bag (and being in a city that charges seven cents for a bag, a tote bag would be nice). I saw it came with extra goodies like a cleanser and a mascara, which I thought was cool. Clinique-Back-to-School-Supplies-KitWhen I got home, I opened the box to find all the products weren’t in the box. I was betrayed, but I was not that upset because I wanted that tote bag and now I have it.
  • Protect and Hydrate Set by Estee Lauder: My mom worships Estee Lauder products, and knowing it was on sale, I knew I had to get it. My mom lives for hydration since she has aging skin. estee-lauder-protect-plus-hydrate-setNormally, I wouldn’t use Estee Lauder products, but they’re not a bad brand. I recommend them on older women like my mother because there are a lot of good products that help plump your skin and save you from wrinkles and fine lines.
  • A Weird Ulta Bag from Ulta Beauty: This bag looks like a lunch bag mixed with a cup holder. I don’t know what the bag is for but I fell in love with it anyways. And get this, it was on clearance for only 2.47, AND all clearance was half off. You know how cheap that is? CHEAP. Now I have a cute confusing bag and I’m happy with it.

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