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Review: The Zodiac Palette

When I found out Colourpop was going to release a new collection, I was excited because they make wonderful palettes and their products are worth everything, and for a good affordable price. I had owned their Element of Surprise palette, and it was the best thing to wear on my eyes.

I started watching Kathleen Lights’ videos just recently and I really liked her, so when she released the reveal video, announcing Colourpop’s new collection would be a collaboration with her, I wasn’t disappointed. They did a fantastic job with her first collab and I didn’t have any doubts for the upcoming one.

Now onto the theme when it was announced. I love dwelling and learning about astrology. I love reading about my sun sign and my moon sign and I have this ongoing thought everything is designed through the stars. I know not everyone believes that way, but that’s the way my mind works. Anyways, back to the palette, I was beyond excited to find out what the colors looked like in the Zodiac palette. When I saw Kathleen reveal them and swatch the colors on her hand, I knew she and the whole company was doing yet another thing right. There was nothing that made me take a step back and there was nothing that convinced me not to buy the palette. I knew I had to buy the palette.

I literally waited ten minutes for the collection to launch, and I bought only two things. I would’ve bought the whole collection, but I was really wow-ed by only two products: the Super Shock Highlighter in Fire and the palette. As much as I adored all the other products, I wanted something that meant something to me and my signs, and clearly the palette was a must because I knew Kathleen Lights was doing my Aries some shimmering justice. With the highlight, I felt like my element was being honored and I also felt that connection.

When I got my package, I was ready to play with the palette. Unfortunately, I got caught up with chores, HOWEVER, I found time to apply both products at the end of the day.

I decided (since they are my current favorite look) that I would do a halo eye, but the condition was that I include Aries, Sagittarius, and Taurus. Aries is my sun sign, Sagittarius is my moon sign, and Taurus is my ascending sign. I succeeded by applying Taurus as my transition shade, defining it with Virgo (which I found as such a nice creamy and neutral dark chocolate brown), cutting the middle down and blending Virgo to Aries and brightening the middle with Gemini (I get along very nicely with Gemini and they are my both my favorite signs and people). On the lash line, I added Sagittarius, buffed it out with Taurus, and faded it to Aries, then Leo, then applied Gemini in the inner corner of my eye. I completed the look with a winged eyeliner.

For appearance, we all know I was in love with it. Kathleen and Colourpop did a wonderful job designing the patterns for every product and the appearance of each product came out nicely and looked extremely flattering on the skin. The one issue I had was that I was applying it in dim lighting, but I managed to pull through. Another thing is, yes, it does look like there is a variety of shades, and some that look like they don’t match.

For performance, no shade came out patchy. In Kathleen Lights’ video, none of the swatches looked patchy and when I dipped my blending brush in, I saw no sign of patchiness on my eyes and I was already giving this palette 477848487487 stars, each color came out the exact same as I saw in the video, so I knew everything was going to be fine and I wasn’t being cheated with my money.

I saw no creasing with my concealer either…. Until the end of the day… However, I realized this was a new thing I’ve been going through so I’m pretty this wasn’t the palette’s fault, but more my fault since I’m not powdering or putting less product.

For the colors Kathleen Lights picked, I think she worked really hard and created the colors EXACTLY the way even I wanted them to be.

Aquarius is such a beautiful shade and it works with the light blue.

Pisces, I expected it to be either teal or an ocean blue-green color, but once Kathleen put shimmer in it, I fell in love.

I did expect my Aries to be red, but I understood why she didn’t want to make a deep red, but I loved the way she made up for it. It’s such a nice shimmery orange with hints of yellow when light reflects. It represents the fire burning in the hearts in the Aries, myself included.

I actually don’t get along with Taurus sun signs (unless their moon sign says otherwise), but knowing they’re an earth sign, I envisioned an earthy/mossy green. It turned out to be a nice soft brown, which looks very flattering.

Like I said earlier, Gemini are my favorite people, and once I saw that the color was a soft but extremely pigmented gold, I knew that that was the color for the Geminis (I love you Gemini).

Like the earth signs, I don’t vibe well with Cancers, but Kathleen Lights described their beautiful sides with that nice pearl shade. I would wear that color if I were to take nice aesthetically pleasing pictures at the beach.

Clearly, Leo’s color suited all my fellow Leos so nicely with that light orange shimmer. I believe Leo represents yet another perfect summer eye shade.

Scorpio surprised me with the light shimmery wine color. I did not expect it to be darker than it looked in the reveal video, but it was still BEAUTIFUL (shout OUT to all my best friends who are Scorpios). I would definitely use it on a night out.

The Sagittarius color was lovely for a matte and I would wear that color with any look anytime. I think it would look very flattering during autumn and the winter, or maybe a nice nighttime look.

Okay I’ll admit it, it was a boy who made me dislike Capricorn, but that’s okay, a sweet coworker convinced me not all Capricorn are like him. Anyways, back to the Zodiac, that was a nice and pigmented black shade. Would I wear it often? Probably as a liner but other than that, probably not.

As a whole, it does look like there’s not much one can do with the Zodiac, but once you dabble in the colors and put stuff together, you can see there’s so much to do with it. I tried on the highlight, and I LOVED it, but I did not like it with any of the cool toned colors on, so I prefer wearing Fire with all the fire signs colors, Gemini, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Overall, I loved the marketing skills, I loved the designs, and the performance of the products. Colourpop still does not fail me. They made me happy with their 42 shade range foundation line, and that means they can make me happy with a whole Zodiac collection.

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