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A PSA: Women V. Women

In my life, I barely had any girls to play with, but I did have family that I grew incredibly close to (that being my sister and two cousins). Never had we had an issue with one another and never had we clashed and brought each other down. However, there was someone in my life that had never took the time to reflect on herself and instead, did what she could to create her ideal versions of us. That included emotional abuse, comparing each girl to the other and praising another girl to make someone feel bad. I have my personal issues and so do the other ladies in my family, and with that specific person, I now have a little trigger in my head, but I also learned something very important about myself as a woman: we really need to stop bringing each other for the sake of our own preferences and later acting innocent as if we did nothing wrong. We need to be accountable for our actions and improve.

I know this has been a topic that everyone has talked about, but after taking so much time for myself and thinking about it, I know that this is still an ongoing issue and not just in my life, but others as well. It took me a long time to understand the prejudice I had towards others because of what they wore or what they were going through. Through my own experiences, I realized that I had to stop with the bad energy and ill will towards people I knew and complete strangers. Today, I’m all about moving on and doing what I can to give off good vibes. At the end of the day, every woman makes her choice on what she does and what she feels and there is nothing in anyone’s power but her own that can change it.

With the woman in my life who went from abusing me to pretending like she didn’t do anything, I clearly haven’t moved on from that, but on my end, I do what I can to give off those good vibes and love, even when she did all these things to me. From experience, I want to give off hate, but to the woman who aggressively pulled a fourteen year old’s tank top up so high because her nonexistent cleavage was showing, I am clearly the better person. Sorry, I’m getting carried away, but back to my PSA, ladies, stop doing that! Stop pulling a Regina George! You can’t keep acting like you’re the good guy and then hate on some poor girl you don’t know (and side note in a family situation: NEVER tear down the daughters of your dead relatives. In context, that is absolutely fucked up)! If you want to be the good girl, don’t talk about her appearance. And to the victim in that situation, either question her intentions, or just give off the vibes. It’s obvious who is in the wrong and getting “revenge” or fighting won’t make things better.

Another thing people need to learn in general in understanding. I would include everyone but this is supposed to be circulating women, so I’m sticking to that. Boomer women, millennial women, Latinas, African American women, Caucasian women, women who support abortion, women who don’t, Muslim women, Catholic women, and so on: take a minute to speak to a women with a completely different background and understand her lifestyle. As a pure fire sign (I will talk about astrology a whole other time), I love talking to people and I love learning about others, so this is what I do all the time. Of course, there will be things I won’t like at first, but once we talk more, then I’ll get a better understanding and move on. That’s an issue a lot of women (and society in general) have, which is why we have all this drama and conflict. I’m serious, listen to any girl out there, and put yourself in her shoes, you will learn a good handful.

If this PSA was confusing, I’m sorry, I was thinking about this all week and had to say what I needed to say. I would love to see all sorts of women to support each other rather than get petty with each other. My suggestion for you all is to give off good vibes and don’t tear people down, you’ll never get satisfaction (or any visitors in the future if it’s relatives). Stay strong my darlings.

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