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My Favorites: Makeup…

On April 7th 1999, a young girl named April came into the world. Eighteen years later, she discovered on April 7th 1998, a brand by the name of Too Faced was born.

After age seventeen and to this day, Too Faced has been a product that I was frequently trying to buy, but after an event (when a boy tried winning my affections and it didn’t work out [I will explain that another time]) where I received the Boss Lady Beauty Agenda collection from Sephora, I knew that Too Faced was officially my favorite makeup brand. The collection had a variety of shimmers and matte shades ranging from neutrals to bold colors. It came with a journal/planner including suggested makeup looks to try out for each month and a case for the journal (which I use for my planner [plus it matches my purse so that says a lot]). The palette also came with a deluxe highlight, a blush, AND a bit of their famous Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. I wore that palette religiously up until I got their Sweet Peach palette.

Too Faced has been known for their glam vibes, the glitter, and the femininity making the brand what they are today. I say glitter because Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jerrod Blandino, created the very first glitter eyeshadow known to man, so there’s no doubt that Too Faced would be the gods of glitter and all things glamorous.

Now let me get into products. Yes, I have tried the best selling mascara created by them: Better Than Sex, and by tried, I mean I’ve tried both the original and the waterproof. The wand is beautiful, the quality of the product is so good, there is no scent, and your lashes do NOT clump.

I have dabbled in their palettes, and the best summer palette in my personal opinion, is clearly the Sweet Peach palette (if you don’t already know that thanks to Instagram). I love the all of the Chocolate Palettes, specifically the Chocolate Gold for the shimmers. The Natural Love palettes are perfect for any soft look and I just adore every palette they’ve made so far (Tutti Fruitti was just released and I wish I wasn’t so broke right now).

I personally believe I don’t own enough Melted Matte Lipsticks in my life. I like the Melted Matte-talics wand better than I do with the original mattes. I also prefer the natural looking colors since that’s the vibe I aim for. One thing I don’t like about Melted Matte is that when I re-apply, I get small clumps on my lips and I feel like my lips dried up. That’s just one flaw, the upsides pretty much take over and present themselves as my favorite liquid lipstick. The pigment is nice, it doesn’t feel too dry (up until the second time applied, which is why I gloss), the packaging is beautiful, AND, I don’t know how many times I say this to anyone who mentions Too Faced lipsticks but, this product is pizza-proof. I’ve tried it and if you don’t believe me, enjoy this video.

If anyone asks me for makeup advice of if it sparks up in a conversation, Too Faced will be the brand I will bring up and recommend to anyone. Their new collection, Tutti Fruitti is now out and exclusively to Ulta so to all those members and shoppers, you guys should check it out, I am excited to try out their Dew Me Up foundation which is infused with cucumbers and watermelon!

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