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Good Vibes: How I Avoid Stress

I will admit as a human being, that no one is telling the truth when they say they’ve never experienced stress before. Everyone goes through stress. Some people know how to handle it, some don’t. I know for one, we all cope with stress differently. I know some people clean to cope, and some draw or paint to relieve stress. In my daily life, I am pretty avoidant of all things stressful, and I love my coping mechanisms to avoid them. On this post, I’m going to list all the ways I avoid or cope with stress. These habits or mechanisms have kept me going in my everyday life and with all these skills, I have this control over my life and it’s all so satisfying.

Morning Tea:

I don’t know anyone that has tea every morning. This specific subject will eventually become another blog post, but for now, let’s focus on this one. I started drinking tea every morning after I got really sick in July 2018. I took a step back and saw I was treated my body horribly and I vowed to be different, and it ended with me cutting down my coffee intake and boosting my tea intake. Drinking tea gives me a calm vibe and it doesn’t have that bitter coffee taste that lingers in your mouth for so long. And as much as I love coffee, it increased my stress levels, and tea didn’t do that to me, so I’ve been sticking to that routine every morning and I love it. I recommend it, plus there’s so many different types of tea to try (have you smelled jasmine green tea????).

Spending Time in a Cafe:

I feel very comfortable when I’m sitting in a cafe, alone or with a close friend. I get my drink and I spend most of my time writing or bullet journaling. Even when I’m with another person, I have this sense of control and it feels as if everyone has their own personal bubble when in a cafe. It’s pleasing because, as much as I love meeting new people and starting a good conversation, I would rather spend time alone to do my own thing when I’m in that sort of setting.


As an Aries sun, we are a little impulsive, but the one thing I like about that is that I organize anything when something is out of hand. There are days when I come home from work and see my closet messy and I will make sure it looks like something that came off of Pinterest. I remember this one time at work I was asked to make our clearance section look clean and I got excited. Twenty minutes later, it was organized by product and all was good in the world. I was told by an old friend that cleaning does help with stress and depression, but they didn’t tell me organizing was either. If you have this habit of being organized or having things work a certain way, I recommend getting into this habit (and use Pinterest if you need inspiration!).

Dance Practice:

I got into the habit of dancing once I got into artists like Little Mix and Lady Gaga. As time went on, I got into K-Pop dance practice and the stuff I kept hearing at my mom’s job (bachata and salsa). I’m not the best dancer but it’s dance practice for a reason.


I have been singing to myself since I was eleven. I sung in public spaces a couple times but in times of stress, I just sing, most of the time to myself. Most of my songs play at a fast pace and that really makes me feel more energetic than I already am.


Being around nature is incredibly pleasing to be around, and give it some tea and calm music on the side, it will be the most stress relieving thing in the world. My favorite thing to do is plant lavender, sweet peas and daisies.

Exploring New Shops:

This was something I did very recently and I have been enjoying it. I’ll for sure make a post about this in the future, but for now, I’ll make it short and say how much I love running into new boutiques, craft stores and flower shops. I’ll for sure return to most of the places and I’ll be sure to take many pictures and post them on my Instagram page.

Spending Time Around Good People/Positive Energy:

I only have five close friends in my life. I also have three very close relatives aside from my immediate family. I used to have a dozen friends and within that, a negative situation would arise and to me, I could feel it. I eventually dropped friendships and stayed with the people who can be more positive and fun. The energy with all the good friends and family in my life lift my spirits up and I can go on and on about every single person (and their zodiac signs because that’s just typical April). I love those people and the good vibes they bring with them.

Spending Time Alone:

And I know being around good people is great, but sometimes I find pleasure in being alone. I would say I have a little bit of introvert inside of me, and it’s not a bad thing at all. I love being around people as much as I love being by myself. I have my own control and I do what I need to do in a moment where I’m alone.


Bullet journaling or just plain old journaling, I do it. I am a writer and to me, it’s the first ever coping skill in my life. I am able to display my art and vent to a piece of paper without worrying about the trust of another person. I can never tell anyone how many journals I’ve been through, but I can say that that explains how stress relieving it is. Without it, I would’ve been that same girl three years ago who would constantly get anxious. It’s a very effective way to avoid stress and to take a moment to think about your actions and understand thought patterns.


The one we’ve all been waiting for… Makeup started as my way to boost my self-esteem. Today, it is my way to go from cute to pretty. My face is my canvas and I use it to apply products and although I don’t use it for stress relief, it does give me something to focus on and make me feel so invested to the point where stress isn’t something to think about. Skincare is about the same. After removing my makeup, I get so invested in using cleansers and making sure my face is clear of dirt and breakouts. And don’t get me started on giving skincare advice or applying makeup on other people… I can never shut up when it comes to any cosmetic product and I will have so much fun trying out new products on the skin (good thing I work at Ulta).

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