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Sugarbear Hair Vitamins: One Month Review

I love creative looks, and at one point, I showed off that creativity through my hair. I’ve been through it all: purple hair, blue hair, blonde hair, turquoise, grey, burgundy… And all aside from damaging my hair through chemicals, I also suffer depression and anxiety. I know it sounds weird, but whenever I suffer a breakdown, I will do something dramatic to my hair. Nowadays I use other techniques to cope with stress, but back then, I would cut my hair to get over petty drama. Okay, so this isn’t a sob story about my stress, this is a sob story for my hair because I ruined my hair.

My hair was always badly layered and incredibly damaged (thanks to my impulsive choices of color and cut). Thankfully, I’m forever a blonde and I get my hair trimmed from time to time. Though I’ve stopped abusing my hair (as much), I still have a lot of dryness and my hair has always taken forever to grow out, which is sad since I’ve made the decision to grow out my hair again.

I have done treatments and women’s vitamins and there isn’t one that really stood out and proved their worthy to me… Until early August when I noticed this small section at Ulta labeled Sugarbear Hair.

The Sugarbear Hair brand had been hyped throughout my Instagram feed for months. I thought it looked appealing at first since it was all of the following: vegetarian, gluten AND soy free, and the best of them all… Cruelty free. This small smiling blue bear had all these nutrients just like those vitamins I had to swallow like pills and smelled bad. Did I think the internet was trying to feed me lies with a smiling blue gummy bear. Was the smiling bear making me skeptical? Of course! Though I was iffy, it didn’t stop me from buying them and giving them a shot.

So I kept track of my hair through pictures, and I know for a fact my blonde hair was at my shoulders. I was also scared my hormones would be affected since some vitamins tend to do that. When I tried the vitamins for the first time, I thought I was just eating candy. Nothing made sense to me. As much as I wanted to eat more, I followed package instructions and ate two a day.

The first thing I noticed about my hair was that it wasn’t falling out as much as it used to. Now, my hair falls out almost all the time, more than usual after I started dying it. When I showered and noticed barely of my hair was coming out, I was shocked. I was also shocked to see I wasn’t breaking out or anything. Was the smiling blue bear serious? Maybe… But I needed more proof from Sugarbear Hair.

At some point I got impatient and decided to check my hair everyday (which wasn’t a good idea). I was convinced my hair wasn’t growing… But it’s obvious hair doesn’t grow that fast. By the time I had run out of Sugarbear Hair vitamins, I noticed how much of my natural brown hair had grown out. I looked at pictures and even asked everyone around me about my hair. My hair had grown an inch within a month… My hair grows an inch within four months! I grew out my hair within a year, just imagine how long it would take if I took more of those vitamins!

Performance-wise, I would grade this a 10/10, an A+ and beyond. I barely noticed my nails got stronger! My hair was already showing repaired strength, and that tiny blue managed to make me sad when I was down to an empty jar!

After running out, I knew I had to get more, so I ordered six months worth online. Sugarbear Hair sells their six month package for 179 but offer a payment plan that makes you pay a fourth at checkout and the rest over a couple months. If that’s not the case, they also sell a cheaper three month plan and the single jar, which lasts a whole month. My favorite part of the website is the graphic on the home page of the jar and one gummy smiling and waving. The caption on the website reads “eat the blue bear”.

Now let me get into the customer service in Sugarbear Hair because this is interesting… I have NEVER… NEVER… Seen a brand so interactive with their customers! I would post about it through my Instagram and the company would respond within as little as a day. They don’t ask for anything, they don’t demand anything. They simply send you heart and bear emojis and talk about how great of a person you are. Hell, if the vitamins are efficient and the company treats its customers with love, sign me up for more than six months worth!

I ordered my six month package and it comes with a wood brush (which they say is good for brushing hair) and a cute blue bear bag. I’m excited to get their cute gifts in the mail while also having them support me while I grow out my hair. I was skeptical at first, but Sugarbear Hair works, and I will recommend them to anyone and everyone along the way.

You can check out their aesthetically pleasing Instagram @sugarbearhair and then you can check out their website at

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