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A Makeup Fan’s Perspective of Beauty Drama

*Disclaimer: I am so sorry for being inactive but there was a lot going on and I have been working hard to think of something interesting to write while also working on my mental health. I’ve been trying to post good vibes on all of my social media and although some issues in my life haven’t been resolved, the stars have been in my favor and I appreciate all the support I’ve been getting.

Alright so let’s spill some tea…*


I’m not going to sugarcoat it: the beauty community is a whole MESS right now. When drama between Youtubers Gabriel Zamora and Jeffree Star and the talks of racist pasts and former friendships came up, a lot of other sides of the story came into place and dragged a lot of people down with Gabby, who ignited the drama. A lot of past tweets from many influencers came into the spotlight and have created an uncomfortable atmosphere within the beauty community. Many people spoke out and a lot has been said about influencers and makeup brands, leading us to uncertainty regarding our favorite makeup artists.

Now I know this may sound odd, but I love drama channels. I don’t why I do but I do. I have been watching them before this whole situation started. I have my boundaries when it comes to the people I follow and the brands I purchase from. I won’t support a person or company if they are very open about something I’m against (for example, if they are racist or tear down men for wearing makeup), but if they had a past and have grown from their mistakes, then I don’t see a point in boycotting their content. An influencer has a platform because they are passionate in something and want to share that to the world. Yes, I understand they get paid by brands, but if they consistently tear other people and brands down and if their focus turns to money instead of the fans, then they aren’t doing their job as beauty influencer.

As we all know, drama follows us wherever we go, but it’s a matter of how we handle those situations. In this post I will go through all the drama I’ve heard of and give you my point of view on the situation, as a beauty fan.

Jaclyn Hill collabs with literally everyone:

I am a huge fan of the channel Here for the Tea, and her information is always accurate and straight to the point. Her most recent video (which was also a collab with another drama channel by the name of Tea Spill) was an intro to a four-part series talking about Jaclyn Hill and her behavior with the makeup community and her subscribers. Now, we all know that her collabs with Morphe have been getting a little repetitive, but she’s clearly a very popular influencer, especially with collabs with Sigma Beauty, Gerard Cosmetics, Becca, and Morphe.

Jaclyn herself has such a quirky and outgoing vibe to her. She makes good content but there are moments where I can see she isn’t so open to her audience. I’m also going to address that she is definitely a youtuber I don’t like so much. There’s no reason in particular, I just prefer other influencers over her.

One thing I’ve learned about Ms. Hill is that she can leave messy tracks. It took me about a day to find out about a lawsuit between Morphe and Becca regarding the Vault Collection having similarities to the Becca collab. It took me another day to find out Morphe’s delay was clearly an excuse and the original palettes were probably being kept in a storage room somewhere. Lastly, it was obvious that the video that Makeup Geek founder Marlena Stell was about either Manny Mua or Jaclyn Hill. It was clearly her once she released her Let’s Talk video.

One thing I’ll mention is that it’s become a “thing” for influencers to post videos explaining their views on the shambling community. When Jaclyn Hill released her video, I felt like she was making this awkward shift to “fit in”, as if the truth videos were a trend. It’s not a trend, people were trying to clarify what Gabby had accidentally done and what Marlena said about influencers’ pay from brands. Jaclyn continued to talk about Morphe and her Vault collection while also mentioning Makeup Geek and leaked emails that she claimed weren’t real. The Here For The Tea video displayed all the emails and explained a lot more about her deals with other brands, including a collab with Anastasia Beverly Hills that was dropped.

As a fan of makeup, I will say, with popularity like that, Jaclyn knows how to sell and I respect that. Is she someone I would recommend people watch? No, because she runs things sloppy; her and Morphe combined is a bit worse (they organized a meet and greet in Naperville, Illniois and according to some fans in a video, things were not run smoothly). I know it may not be true because I don’t know Jaclyn Hill, but I am convinced as a viewer that she cares more about deals more than her fans.

Gabriel Zamora tries Jeffree Star but things go awfully wrong:

I have to admit, Gabriel Zamora is a youtuber I watch sometimes and he has a good vibe going on. I love his collabs with Nikita Dragun and I feel a connection with him since he is a Latino influencer (I gotta support my fellow Latinos out there). Jeffree Star, on the other hand, is not my favorite. I personally feel he runs a good company, but his image is too much and overly dramatic. It takes me a hot minute to process it, but at the end of the day, that is his vibe and we have to respect that (shoutout to him admitting his racist mistakes and clarifying it via Shane Dawson series). The one thing I will always respect about Jeffree will be his honesty, no matter how brutal. I can for sure use advice from him.

Now back to Zamora. Gabby was originally in a group consisting of Nikita, himself, Laura Lee, and Manny Mua. Each of these people, excluding Gabby, have had former friendships with Jeffree Star. With all the shared drama, Gabby took his friends past issues and shaded Jeffree with a picture. It descended into a made up narrative accusing Star of continuing with racist ignorance that eventually drove people to dig up a past tweet by Gabby. Transitioning to a “trend”, people also dug up past racist tweets from Manny’s brother, Laura, and Nikita, and the “fun” didn’t stop there. It transitioned towards other influencers and introduced the downfall of the beauty community.

Gabby did post a video admitting his faults and truths, revealing he is no longer friends with Manny because he “uses people”. Jeffree Star thanked him for the video. Laura Lee posted a video before Gabby and it was a video of her crying and saying her family had been getting death threats for her faults. Nikita had attempted to keep things chilled but had released a statement after backlash. The last of the four to post a video was Manny, who opened up about his past friendships and dug a slightly deeper hole for himself.

Now I love Gabby and Nikita. I think Gabby opened up a conversation about Jeffree, but at the end of the day, if what was said true about him, then we know for a fact that Jeffree will have to address it himself. Gabby was unprofessional and it was definitely not his place, but he handled his situation. He faced the problem he created and addressed it. With Nikita, I saw what she was aiming for, but fans have that expectation of being serious and not expressing those chill vibes, so Nikita’s first statement showed others that she was not being serious. I personally don’t know how to feel about Laura’s video. I never liked her videos that much and I didn’t care much about her. I do think pulling her family into her faults was a little bit much, however. Manny’s video was slightly messy because he named names. That was a bit unnecessary and I feel he was trying to cover up his tracks.

Overall, Gabby handled it more professionally than everyone else. The situation was extremely messy, but Jeffree handled it well and I personally believe a lot of people need good vibes and a better sense of being an influencer.

Kat Von D and Anti-Vaccination:

I love Kat Von D and her products. I believe she’s a very talented artist and she’s finally found happiness with her marriage and pregnancy. One thing she announced recently that had a lot of people on edge was when she made the decision to not vaccinate her baby once he’s born.

Now I think vaccinations are important and I believe in the benefits of having them. When Kat announced that, I was beyond shocked. I would’ve been the person to quickly judge and question her, but I had to stop and give it some thought.

Kat Von D had explained she wanted to raise her baby on the natural side and use natural remedies and products for her son. Now that, I had a semi-side on. Although I think vaccines are a must, I’m also one to use natural remedies when it comes to sickness and small injuries. I can sort of see why she would go that route and I wouldn’t go as far as to not vaccinating my kids, but it is her choice and nothing will change her even if anyone goes as far as mom shaming.

However I will forever love Thomas Halbert for the joke “Kat Von Can’t Vaccinate These Kids”.

Lashify tries Manny Mua:

Lashify who???????

Okay, I admit that Manny Mua should’ve done a bit more research, but if you, as a brand, attempt to drag an influencer, then you lose sales, you make yourself look bad and I forget you’re a brand.

Lashify brand owner attempted to call out Manny for a review of the brand’s lashes since he thought they were too complicated and natural looking for his taste.\

The first mistake was the first dig at the makeup guru. Lashify posted a picture captioned “not everyone wants to be a drag queen”. First of all, it’s true that everyone has a different style of makeup… But if you throw drag queens in the mix (I understand since Manny did start with drag makeup), that’s just offending the whole community that is drag queens.

The next mistake was A MISTAKE. This owner made a live video explaining how the lashes work (since Manny didn’t apply them correctly). The one mistake she made during that video was stating “it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, you’re still a dude.”


So what does that mean? Where do you stand when you shame a guy for his fake lashes and his highlight? Yes there are dudes who wear makeup, but we’re in 2018. James Charles has better brows than me and Manny can pull off a cut crease better than I can. These dudes have talent and if they want to wear makeup like women have been for a long time, let them be. What’s the harm? Lack of masculinity? So terrifying……..

Too Faced v. Jeffree Star over Nikkie Tutorials:

My point still stands for brands who bash other brands and influencers. It’s unprofessional and the karma comes for the brand when they lose sales.

Too Faced is my favorite brand for life, but I will never forget this shocking situation.

Too Faced caught Tarte in the act of making their own unicorn collection. Too Faced, who is known for their famous Unicorn Tears lipstick, made a post to shade Tarte, mentioning how “unicorns aren’t from the Amazon”.

Jeffree Star was quick to call out co-founder Jerrod Blandino for the post and accuse him for underpaying Nikkie Tutorials for her collab with the brand.

It was a messy situation, and it was odd because none of these people speak anymore.

Recently, Nikkie opened up about the payment issue and said that instead of money, it was a quality situation and it was done behind her back and she was hurt by the end result. She did say she is forgiving and hopefully they have been growing as a brand as she has been as an influencer.

I didn’t understand why Jeffree called Too Faced out because it wasn’t his place, but I did agree that Too Faced was acting unprofessional for the shade at Tarte. Nikkie’s take on the situation as time has passed was probably the most mature thing I have watched on any makeup guru’s videos.

The throuple divorce:

Before the group of Laura Lee, Manny Mua, Gabby Zamora, and Nikita Dragun, it was just Laura, Manny, and Jeffree Star. They were the throuple everyone loved to watch… That is until they broke up.

In my eyes, I saw Jeffree take them under his wing since he had been big before the two. Manny would always be on Jeffree’s channel and there was always something good to watch with the three of them.

Laura grew and started Laura Lee Los Angeles and Manny recently started Lunar Beauty. Both were able to start because Jeffree had given them connections to facilities and such. Eventually, things happened and Laura Lee and Manny allegedly used Jeffree for his connections and dropped him once they got what they wanted out of him.

I thought they had good energy together up until the divorce, but hearing those rumors made me feel bad for Jeffree (even though he plays this role the “asshole” and the “bad guy who starts drama”). Doesn’t matter who the person is, don’t ever use someone to go farther in life.


So I’m going to stop there. There is a lot more drama in the beauty community but if I had mentioned them all, you would never get to the bottom of the post.

I respect a good handful of influencers and there’s some I don’t care about. At the end of the day, these people are online because they are passionate about makeup and their art. I know I am passionate. My point still stands from the top, don’t become an influencer if you put your money first, it kills the fun and it will come back to haunt you. Some influencers have showed their passion for makeup by starting businesses. I think that’s fantastic and as long as it’s thriving, I will support it.

To be honest, I don’t care what drama comes up with a brand (unless I hear of some intense ignorance), but if the brand makes a product and it’s good, then I will purchase from them. It’s that simple in my life. Do I think there needs to be better communication between the influencers and the brands? Yes, but it’s going to take time now that things are rough in the makeup community. Let’s just hope that world will see the sunshine and rainbows once again, this time, with less backstabbing and drama.

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