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My Current Top Five Shops

I spent the last couple months with my best friends, and sometimes alone, walking into new shops. Throughout the multiple times I’ve visited, I now have a list of what I love. The list ranges from casual clothing stores to ice cream shops, I’ve loved every experience.

Without further ado, let me list my favorite shops from the Summer to beginning of the Autumn:

Bow & Arrow:

I’ll start this off with my favorite shop and owned by three sisters. Bow & Arrow has been such a welcoming shop with everything from stationary, greeting cards, party decor, and much more. The aesthetics of the store is what makes it better (I might or might not have some of their light up signs as my wallpaper). There’s a couch inside and light up signs that have such nice quotes. The music of the store is trendy and the people who work there are such sweet people. Every time I head home and walk by, I know I have to stop by once (or ten times) a week.

My most recent purchase with them consisted of rose gold washy tape and a rose gold mug that says “don’t talk to me” (we can tell I like rose gold). That mug has not been neglected. The art of every product is just perfect, and by perfect, I mean “Instagram worthy perfect”.

Check out their Instagram and their website here!


If it weren’t for my best friend dragging me into the store for the sake of a cat, I wouldn’t be writing about how amazing this shop is. Fleur is a lifestyle/floral boutique in Northwest Chicago and carries such a relaxed vibe. They carry a variety of plants and home decor (my favorite things there were the picnic baskets). They also had energy crystals, which I thought were beautiful. The one special attraction (that my best friend lives for) is their shop kitty. The cat that hangs out at the store is the fluffiest buddy I’ve seen.

Similar to Bow & Arrow, Fleur has incredible Instagram pictures. I’m slowly starting to believe I shop at these places for the aesthetics and not the product (which isn’t completely true because we all know I’m saving my money for that picnic basket and the stationary at Bow & Arrow).

You can check out their Instagram and their website here.


The Ragstock that I go to is for sure different than the Ragstocks that opened in the suburbs and downtown area. The people who work there are really sweet and are the most relaxed people I know. Ragstock is a mix of a retail store and a thrift store. The women’s section is one of my favorite places to shop, aside from the 80’s sweaters.

What I love about Ragstock is with every purchase, they hand out a 25% off coupon for your next purchase. What makes the coupon deal better is that they never expire, you just bring it back and they charge you a fourth less.

I can admit I’ve purchased a good amount of my clothes from Ragstock, including my precious denim jacket. So if you have me on Instagram and see something vintage or trendy, it’s most likely from Ragstock.

Check out their products on their website!

My Fashion in Chinatown:

Accidentally passing by the store we planned on going, my cousin pointed out this clothing store that looked cute. We walked in to find the greatest clothing store in all of Chinatown. My Fashion is a Korean inspired clothing store that carries everything from shoes to tops and bottoms.

The store was very quiet and quite empty (it is located a floor above a dim sum restaurant), but it didn’t stop my cousin and I from admiring their products.

I couldn’t find a website but if you’re a Chicagoan, I recommend you visit the store!

Yoberri Gourmet:

I think I’ve mentioned somewhere that my favorite flavor of ice cream is lavender. It’s odd, I know, but I haven’t had it since I was six and I missed the flavor. When I discovered Yoberri and saw they had a Blueberry Lavender flavored yogurt, I knew this was going to be the best place in the world.

Yoberri makes their own frozen yogurt and ice cream (and I swear it’s made with love). The woman who was working that day was such a sweetheart and I think my best friend and I made the best decision craving ice cream.

I will admit, I jumped in excitement once I saw the word ‘lavender’ on the menu.

What I love about Yoberri is that they sell their ice cream in pints. So if you want some good peach ice cream or LAVENDER yogurt, you can purchase a pint from their shop (or at the farmers market).

You can find Yoberri on Facebook and Instagram


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