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Good Vibes: To Be a Good Person

Recently, I’ve been going through personal issues where rumors have been said about me and people have decided to put their pride and ego in front of them and have turned their cheek from me. At first, I thought it was very hurtful, but then I took the time to reflect on my own personal flaws and focused on something that wasn’t affecting me personally: the beauty community.

I expected me to use beauty videos last since there was a lot of rumors being put out and influencers being exposed and having them talk about their sides of whatever story was unfolding. Just last night, I watched this video from Thomas Halbert titled “Racism, Sexism, and Silence”, and he explains the ongoing racism that comes from Jeffree Star and alleged text messages with dehumanizing terms towards Jackie Aina, and how white privilege played a role in the situation he was aware of. Thomas goes on to apologize for not speaking up and just moving along with his life rather than speaking up. He also talks about how beauty influencers should push themselves and instead of bashing companies for a limited shade range, they should become allies behind closed doors.

Everything Thomas said really spoke to me and I agreed with him. Suddenly, I had a flashback to when my niece was born and I recalled my sister-in-law saying “I don’t care what religion my daughter chooses, as long as she is a good person.” She’s right, and Thomas is right, but what did that do to me? It gave me an epiphany and I discovered the key to becoming a good person.

To be a good person, like what Thomas was saying in terms of racism and sexism, is to start with you. You need to take a step and recognize the things you have done wrong. No one is perfect and as humans, we are going to make mistakes. Being in denial or pushing our dirt under the rug is something we shouldn’t do, because the stars will disagree with us and those faults will come back to haunt us. We need to see that we’ve made mistakes and we need to make up for those mistakes (apology is an option, but no one is obligated to do so).

Now, moving on to what my sister-in-law mentioned, organized groups need to be seen as good. It’s so sad that I go on the news and people think it’s okay to dehumanize a group of people. Political party, race, or religious groups, whatever. To be a good person is to see past a group and see ambition and passion within others. I personal feel disgusted when I see posts talking bad about Democrats, against women, people of color, Muslims, etc. Hate only exists in us because we suffer insecurities and aren’t used to changes. The whole human race seriously needs to take a minute out of their day and read a book or do research on someone from a different party, because they can absolutely learn a lot from another person.

Back to the Thomas Halbert video, he mentioned how his reaction to Jeffree Star’s racist terms was blank. He moved on from it and didn’t speak up about it. He was so so right when he said “words can kill”. From experience, I can admit people’s words can have an affect, but I thought it over and realized we, as good people, can use it for a better cause. Words can have an affect, good or bad, but to be a good person, you’re never going to see change unless you speak up. Whether it’s for human rights, an unfair argument in a family, or a debate in class, you have every right to speak up for what’s good in this world.

Lastly, this was something I was told from my brother, and that was action really does speak louder than words. I saw the dark side of action this past year and it hurt. But this isn’t to explain my sob story, this is about being a good person. To be a good person, you need to take action and confront your issues to move forward and live in bliss. It’ll be a challenge but nothing will improve if you stick in one place; you need to push down doors and stand up for yourself and your beliefs. And if no one you’re confronting changes, then all you have to do is live your life the way you want to, because no one can drag you down and tell you what really is right.

Everyone sees the right things as different. We as humans need to take a step back and think things over. No more negative energy… We deserve to spread more positive vibes and support one another. I don’t see a purpose in spreading false gossip and hate when no one is taking the time to learn a thing or two about anyone.

Watch Thomas’ video here because I believe it’s worth watching (thank you Thomas for making this video and standing up for us people of color while also requesting white influencers to take your advice):Β

Spread good vibes, my lovelies. x

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