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October’s Review of Products

Hello my lovelies! I’m back with a set of products and what I think about them! Recently, my skin has been incredibly nice to me (until I went on a hike and got some bug bites) and I knew exactly why it was happening. My makeup game was still good but there were some new products I had picked up and decided to test out and review here on my blog! And the last thing I did was… You guessed it, I am now an ash blonde (if you haven’t kept up with my Instagram posts), but with that means new hair products (and my update for Sugarbear Hair vitamins)!

One thing I realized I haven’t mentioned in my other posts is that whatever my take on makeup is, it might not work on people with similar skin types and such. I have combination skin, colored hair, my eyes are pretty big so these can all take away from people with different skin type, eye shapes and hair types, so if I don’t like something for my taste, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

So here are my mini reviews of everything I’ve tried all month:

Murad Revitalixir Serum:

If I haven’t mentioned the Murad Nutrient Charged Water Gel, then I apologize for not talking about a fantastic product. I had gotten their most recent serum and had a lot of high expectations for it (Murad is my favorite skincare brand so of course). The water gel is a good moisturizer and perfect for all skin types, including aging skin to plump fine lines, but the serum goes into your skin and heals. This product PERFORMED!!!! This is the perfect serum for aging skin, stressed skin, and dry skin. The Revitalixir Serum will rejuvenate the damages done to your face and when paired with the Nutrient Charged Water Gel, it locks in the product and doubles the moisture.

Now, let’s talk about price. Yes, the Revitalixir Serum is 89 dollars, but if it is a product that does what it says it will (and I never doubt Murad since it is a brand created by a dermatologist), then it is worth spending your money on.

You can find Murad’s Revitalixir Serum and other products on their website, Ulta Beauty, and Sephora.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault (Ring the Alarm):

Okay, I’m going to admit that I own the Bling Boss palette and I like it. The shimmers definitely need work but the colors are good and they look good, especially with brown eyes. When I first saw the Ring the Alarm palette, I thought the idea was nice, but the minute I got it, I fell less in love with it. I don’t blame it on performance or formula, I just started seeing the colors as colors I wouldn’t use, but I pushed that thought aside and tested it out.

Now I loved Jaclyn’s names for each color in this specific palette, she and Morphe were great with that. I tried using every color from Ring the Alarm and saw the darker shades weren’t dark enough. Although pretty decent performance, I would’ve liked to see a darker brick red color to compliment the rest of the palette. Either that or another red shade, but in matte.

My favorite colors from this whole palette would have to be Bomb-Ass (the shimmery red) and On Camera (the shimmery golden with yellow hue). Those shimmers did not disappoint me at all and looked very lovely on me (On Camera does inner corners justice). Performance as a whole, I thought the palette was okay. It would definitely not be a palette I would use a lot, but I won’t neglect it.

Now I know there are eyeshadows that do a better job than Ring the Alarm, but I’m saying it’s a terrible product. For $15, its a simple palette with some colorful twists that anyone can use. Even though it’s affordable and not a bad palette, I do believe purchasing the first Jaclyn Hill palette would be a better choice since it’s more colors and better performance. It is $38, which is clearly more, but if you’re someone who expects incredible performance rather than what I call a “meh-performance”, then I would recommend the first palette before any of the Vault palettes.

You can purchase Ring the Alarm and the rest of the Vault from Morphe or Ulta Beauty.

Redken One United Leave-In Spray:

Like I said before, my hair is colored, and it is also flat and thick…. But if you are in need of a product, regardless of hair type, this is the product to look for. I noticed my salon stylist was using this in my hair and I got a sample to try out for a bit. I felt like I was back in an Ulta salon when I was using this baby, but after I dried my hair, I saw this guy nourished my hair, but not to the fullest. It was until I had created a hair care routine that I started seeing this was the best leave-in product. This was one product that helped with controlling the frizz in my hair and keeping my shine.

I wouldn’t immediately recommend this product, but if it’s a situation where your hair is dry and in need of something that nourishes, then I would direct you to this guy. This is a bit on the pricey side since it is a salon hair product (it’s $23 for the 5 oz and $36 for the 13.4 oz). This one, I can say isn’t something you should buy unless it’s absolutely necessary (for me it’s very necessary).

You can purchase the One United Spray at Ulta Beauty.

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo/Conditioner:

I’m definitely one to try out new things, and there’s absolutely no fear in the realm of hair care, and when my stylist showed me the Joico brands, I thought this would be a good relationship.

I tested it out once a week and saw it was keeping my ash blonde color in tact, but not for long, so I did twice a week and eventually three times. I currently see no problem with the performance, it doesn’t color my hair too lightly or too harshly and now I understand why a good amount of customers purchase from this brand.

I would say this is a good buy, and also being a salon hair product, the shampoo and conditioner range from $16-33, which I think is a fair price for the 10 oz.

You can get the Joico Color Balance Purple at Ulta Beauty.

Too Faced The Sweet Smell of Christmas Treats Melted Matte Set:

I know it’s not Christmas, but this was worth buying in October. We all know that as a brand, Too Faced is my favorite. When I saw their Christmas collections, I was impressed. Everything consists of a Christmas tree collection, a bunny themed collection, the lipstick collection, a new Melted Matte shade, AND a new eyeshadow palette.

I was originally going to pick up the Melted Matte in Gingerbread Girl, but since there were four minis for $25, I thought it was a better deal than purchasing one $21 full size color.

The mini lipsticks come in four colors: Sugar Cookie (a light nude color), Cinnamon Bear (a red shade slightly darker than Melted Matte in Lady Balls), Pumpkin Spice (an orange nude color similar to Melted Matte in Sellout but with a warmer tone, and Hot Buttered Rum (a warm brown nude color). Each shade is also scented (which explains the name “sweet smell of Christmas”).

When I tried each color, I fell in love with them, but then got upset realizing these aren’t shades on their website. I would love for Too Faced to release full sizes of these lipsticks since the shades are very nice. Personally, I feel like these shades are great but I am someone with a light beige skin tone with a peach undertone, so the colors might not look good on someone with a red or olive undertone, but it’s all about figuring out what really works for you.

You can purchase the Sweet Smell of Christmas Treats Melted Matte Set from Too Faced, Ulta Beauty, Sephora.

Morphe Liquid Lipstick:

Although a small range of lip colors, Morphe has nice shades. I picked up the color Bloodshot and expected to be a good Autumn color.

I was extremely confused at the performance of this product because I had read so many good reviews on it, but alas, not everyone has the same skin types. When I applied the color, my lips felt so dry and to make matters worse, my lips had cracked after eating and even bled throughout a whole shift. I was so let down because I really wanted it to work out, but I’m assuming it was the shade. I still want to try a liquid lipstick from Morphe to make sure it’s not the line’s formula, but maybe the formula of one color.

Like I said, everyone has different skin, so even if I didn’t have a pleasant experience from Morphe’s liquid lipsticks, that shouldn’t stop you from trying it out for yourself. They also sell for $10 which is a good price for a liquid lipstick.

You can pick them up at Morphe or Ulta Beauty.

Two Months Worth of Sugarbear Hair Vitamins:

Oh, I know we’ve been waiting for this… I don’t even have to explain what the Sugarbear Hair Vitamins are since they have taken social media by storm (and let me just say they are one of the sweetest companies I have come in contact with).

I had trimmed my hair the day I got my hair re-colored and I’ve never seen my hair grow that fast. My hair usually grows less than three inches within a year, which is sad, in my opinion. Sugarbear hair changed that for me. My hair grew a whole inch since my haircut, and that was my second month’s worth. I purchased the six months worth, so I’m still excited to see where that takes me and I’m very excited for it. Another thing I still took note on was falling hair. My hair normally sheds so seeing that the vitamins slowly stopped that impressed me.

Sugarbear Hair sells their vitamins in three packages: one month, three months and six months worth. They also released a new women’s multi-vitamin, which I really want to try since it’s the same formula but created for everything a woman needs in her system.

You can find basic vitamins for a decent price, but for a vitamin that actually works, one bottle is $29.99. If you really want to hold onto more, the three months, hairbrush included, is $79.99, and the six months worth, hairbrush and makeup bag included, is $159.99. Now it’s not recommended to get the biggest batch, but since I had given the one bottle a test-run and loved it, I thought it was worth it.

You can find the one month bottles at Ulta Beauty and every collection on the Sugarbear Hair website.

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