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Reviewing Ulta’s Biggest Drops: Morphe and Kylie Cosmetics

Ever since Morphe had been dropped at more Ulta Beauty stores (including mine), I had been dipping my toes in their products and getting more interested in the products they’re popular for. Recently, Morphe had announced they were releasing a brand new eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Youtuber/Beauty Influencer James Charles. And to think Ulta was done hyping their customers… Ulta had also announced earlier this year that they were going to be selling Kylie Cosmetics, owned by 21 year-old (and youngest of the Kardashian clan) Kylie Jenner. No one knew of when Kylie was going to launch her products and what she was going to bring to the Ulta table first, but yesterday (11/17), her lip products were launched in ALL Ulta Beauty stores. I had the lucky opportunity to buy the James Charles palette the day it was launched at Ulta AND set up the Kylie display the same day (of course I had to buy one lipstick the day after). So what are my thoughts? Well, we’re going to find out the real tea.

Morphe x James Charles Palette:

Okay, so I was very excited over this palette from the minute it was announced. James is a really talented artist and has been truthful and creative from the very beginning. Sister James is someone I aspire to be like one day (I’m already somewhat there, for I’m very good at roasting myself) and seeing he helped formulate a palette inspired by his colorful and bold looks convinced me to purchase it. The Artistry palette sells at $39, which is a tad bit more than the first Jaclyn Hill palette. The palette includes 39 shades, the top two rows including warm colors, the middle row containing bigger pans for shades that are used more, and the last two rows consisting of bold colors.

Now I don’t have bold colors (excluding the colors from my Juvia’s Place palettes), so I knew this would be a good add. The matte packaging is beautiful but it also gives me anxiety because I never want to leave fingerprints. (QUICK NOTE: James Charles has one of the nicest signatures ever!!!!) I swatched the black shade, Spooky, first, since that shade sparked some controversy over the pigmentation. It swatched nicely and during the first swatch, I rubbed the color around to see how well it blended. On my hand, I liked how it blended out and it really showed the potential when it’s applied on the eye.

The day after, I had tried on the palette. I stuck with the purples but added a sunset twist. I had followed James’ recommendation to use eyeshadow primer and applied the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion beforehand. Spooky did a FANTASTIC job deepening the very end of my crease. Escape and Single were nice colors as well, but a lot warmer toned than the purples I was so used to. It’s very new to me, but not a bad thing, I really liked the results. I added a bit of Skip to blend out the purples and I loved the transition, but the real shock came after I added the cut crease.

I used the Too Faced Born This Way Full Coverage Concealer (I used Vanilla) and I have never seen a shadow that stayed in place. No smudge. Nada. The only shadows I’ve seen survive a cut crease would be my Anastasia palettes and my Juvia’s Place.

Aside from lack of smudging, I blended 518, Bee and Tune and I was shocked to see such a bright transition (James, you deserve the respect). Everything came together to create such a wonderful piece and I would definitely experiment with this palette more often.

This palette was meant to force people out of their comfort zones and I think James was the perfect candidate to partner with because he clearly steps out of the norm and expresses himself with everything that’s art and humor. Congrats to James and I hope Morphe continues the good work!


Kylie Cosmetics:

So Kylie Jenner planned on starting her partnership with Ulta by starting small but huge; Kylie decided to pick out her favorite lip products (glosses, liquid lipsticks, and of course, the lip kits) and intends on coming out with more products as time goes on. I’ve never touched a Kylie product in my life and I did mention at some point in my life that I would have to try at least one of her products and see if her brand is worth purchasing from, so clearly I was extremely excited when I got the call offering to set up her collection.

I was able to swatch EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT the minute we opened up the testers and see for myself if Kylie had a good color range. Color was my first priority, because if the shades were too bold or too basic, then I wouldn’t bother. I managed to swatch every product and in my head, she had such beautiful nude shades. Heat was probably my least favorite of the bunch, but it wasn’t something I would tell customers not to buy. I was really drawn to Savage, Charm, the Koko K kit, Posie K and Dolce K. Kylie, you have good taste in lip colors! Another thing I noticed was the scent of her lip products. They all had a sweet smelling scent that was similar to lip products like the Maybelline matte lipsticks and others. It was satisfying and not strong so kudos to that.

Next was trying one product on my lips. I decided to start small and get the shade Savage, which is a slightly more pinker shade compared to my Too Faced Melted Matte in Sellout. The wand was a good size and applied smoothly. The product is a velvet lipstick but has a matte finish after application. The minute the product dried, I was shocked. My lips did not feel dry at all and I loved the color so much (I like nude shades so if you’re looking for bold, you might like Mary Jo K and Heat a bit more). The finish reminded me a lot of the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks but the feeling reminded me a lot of the Too Faced Melted Mattes. The shade range reminded me a lot of the NYX Lip Lingerie collection.

I have to admit, Kylie Cosmetics took me by surprise and I’m glad I took part in this job to set her products up and try everything out (1. To help guests and 2. To try out new products). There’s going to be more purchases for her lip products because I really like the formula.

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