Bad Experiences with Makeup?

I’m a positive person, and from what I’ve shared, I’ve liked every single product I’ve purchased. Is that because I’m biased? No, not at all, in fact, although I have such positive opinions on products, I do not excuse the brand for mistakes they make outside of the product.

It’s not common to me to share a bad review, but I believe it’s a result of skintone, skin type, and skincare. This “triple s” system is my way of discovering a good product. Sometimes a product is not good because someone either wasn’t the right shade for it, the product is not good for oily skin, and maybe the moisturizer you use daily is a result of the product performing badly, but it could be the right shade for someone else, or better for dry skin, or perfect with that specific skincare routine.

I’ve decided to list the products that didn’t work out for me, but not because it’s a “bad product”. I know exactly why these didn’t work for me and I want to let my readers know so those with different triple s’ can test them for themselves.

Wet N’ Wild (the whole brand):

Now, I know what you’re thinking… And that’s not the case. When I first dabbled into makeup, I wanted something affordable. I didn’t care about performance or color, I wanted something that worked. So I went to my local drugstore, and bought numerous Wet N’ Wild lipsticks, contour kits, and eyeliners.


In terms of the color of my skintone, the lipsticks were not meant to be worn. I recall some bright lipsticks that I still to this day regret to have applied on my face. Those colors, for sure, would’ve looked good on anyone, but definitely not me.

The highlight side of the contour kit was good for brightening my undereyes, but I never thought of it that way. The contour side was too cool toned for my warm toned skin, and would work a little better for fair toned skin. I wish I had understood that before. The sizing of it was also good and perfect for any face brush!

The liners were decent but the colored ones never showed up on my waterline. I personally believe that the black and brown liners are great to use; my mom uses them often and she’s never had a problem with any Wet N’ Wild product.

Skin Type:

Honestly, the formula of the lipsticks were not as bad as I remembered, and they were good on my skin. I felt like they were nice to my skin. All was good on the lips.

I have combination skin, and having to deal with powders can be tricky, but with the right formula and right amount, I can survive. However, there was something in Wet N’ Wild’s formula that made my skin breakout. I wasn’t sure what it was specifically, but now I tend to stay away from all Wet N’ Wild because of the anxiety of having that reaction. It truly upsets me because they have positively reviewed products (and for a good price), but I keep this boundary in fear of my skin’s safety.

The liners also gave me a bit of a reaction, but I believe it was a cleanliness issue (since teen me had a tendency to lose eye pencils. Aside from that, I saw no reason to be against the pencils.


I used Wet N’ Wild because it was the most accessible brand in my teen days, and being a teen who simply cared about looking good via makeup, my skincare was awful. I never used a lip exfoliate, never bothered cleansing my face everyday (and when I did I used only toner, and that was not good). I either slept in my makeup or used soap and water to get rid of everything. My skin was in a bad place and covering it up in makeup did not make it any better.

Morphe Liquid Lipsticks:

I was shocked that I didn’t like the Morphe liquid lipsticks, because I had loved many of Morphe’s eyeshadows and brushes. I was so confident that the color “Bloodshot” would be a good fall color and I would be able to pull it off but unfortunately, it had to be returned.


The shades from the Morphe liquid lipstick line are for the most part inclusive. The shade I had picked out was nice on me since it wasn’t too pink or too red. So there was absolutely nothing wrong with the color and pigment of the product.

Skin Type:

Well, these are my lips, so there’s no possible way to blame oils, but we can talk about hydration. Of course, being hydrated can help prevent chapped lips. My lips are always well taken care of, but the lipsticks were the most drying I’ve worn. And to make things worse, the more I kept trying to make my lips moist, the lipstick would flake off. It was an awful experience for me.


I tend to use chapstick on my lips in any situation and drinking water helps keep the lips healthy. If I had decided to keep the lipstick, I would’ve tried glossing over it after application or maybe using a lip exfoliate, but it’s gone and I think I’ll just stick with Morphe’s marvelous eyeshadows.

Clinique High Impact Mascara:

*Disclaimer: since the mascara really has no connection to any of the triple s’, I will keep this one short and sweet*

I had gotten a sample of the Clinique Mascara, and I set my expectations too high. I am a mascara junkie, and I live for some good mascaras, especially ones that volumize. When I had applied the mascara, it gave me an incredibly natural look. Aside from that, it did not lift my lashes at all. I think this mascara is good for those looking for the everyday look, such as my mother, who LOVES the Clinique mascara.

Juice Beauty Eyeshadow Sticks:

I think we can tell that everything I don’t like is given away to my mother since she prefers less pigment and natural finishes. The Juice Beauty Eyeshadow Sticks may have impressed her, but they were not that great of a deal to me.


The colors I picked up were everyday colors like a shimmery champagne and a periwinkle color. Those colors meshed well with my skintone, but they were definitely not the style I would choose.

Skin Type:

My skin is not sensitive at all, and Juice Beauty is an organic made brand, so there were no worries nor concerns when it came to the eyeshadow sticks. I could say they creased during the day, but maybe it works better on those looking for hydration.


My skincare is pretty caring in the eye area. I used eye creams, eye-safe serums, and once in a while, eye gels. In terms of the eyeshadow sticks not performing as well as I wanted them too, the skincare didn’t affect the performance at all. I tried the product with and without product and still got some creasing.

PUR Cosmetics 4 in 1 Primer:

Out of all the primers I own, this was one that simply did not work with my skin at all.


Skintone didn’t have anything to play a role in terms of the primer.

Skin Type:

When I wore my makeup through the day, I felt my oils bleeding through my makeup and I felt absolutely disgusting. I have worn other hydrating primers, and this one did not work out for me. It definitely works on those looking for hydration and a very sheer and dewy look, but I always want a natural to matte finish.


My skincare routine is pretty strict and it includes double oils and double moisturizers. My skin is always clean, but when I used the primer, I tried to cut back on most of those. Nothing. Nada. I was oily an hour after application; and there was plenty of setting in the process.

Rimmel Liquid Eyeliners:

These were my original eyeliners back in high school. I was ready to show off my fancy wings (and lack of eyebrows). The pigment was good for a whole day but the pen itself lasted three minutes. Today, I love some pigmented and long lasting eyeliners, but that Rimmel just needed and extra lifespan (the liquid eyeliner dried so fast).


It was black eyeliner… Everyone looks good in black eyeliner.

Skin Type:

The eyeliner was pigmented but also a matte finish, so without a cleanser or makeup wipe, the wings would not budge.


At the time, my skincare was garbage, so I had good wings, but some noticeable acne. It didn’t affect the performance of my eyeliner at all.

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