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Fragrance Feels: KKW Body

Working at Ulta and learning new things every shift, I had stuck my nose in the one place I always have trouble in: the fragrance. The land where men and women come to find “the scent” for themselves and loved ones and there’s so much to choose from. Usually I’ll look for something that smells sweet and floral and call it a day (which is why I like Marc Jacobs’ whole Daisy line), but since educating myself on notes and similar fragrances, I’ve opened the door to more than just the scents I’m so used to.

I’m creating a Friday post called Fragrance Friday to talk about perfumes and body sprays that should be tried out. This week, I’ll be talking about Ulta Beauty’s biggest fragrance drop this holiday season: KKW Fragrance.

Kim Kardashian West is well-known for a lot of good, scandalous, and shocking reasons. Kim, and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family, either get praise or they get shamed. In my opinion, they are a pretty successful family through their hit reality tv show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and their secret entrepreneurial skills. Come on, you didn’t think Kim and Kylie pick out products made for them and sold it with their name on it, right? Yes, they have tons of money and it seems like they use their rich privilege to make a makeup and fragrance company just to gain followers while they enforce scientists to make something that works, but Kylie does work hard to make herself stand out and Kim does what she can to stay in the spotlight and remind the world she is not going to be forgotten so easily. I respect a business woman like Mrs. Kardashian West.

When it was announced Ulta Beauty would be getting KKW Fragrance, I was thrown off, but intrigued by what her perfumes were going to smell like. I had thoughts that they perfumes would smell clean like the Calvin Klein Women and sweet and candy-like, like the Ariana Grande Cloud. I had so many thoughts but I was least excited for her Kimoji fragrances since they were unappealing to me.

The minute the fragrances arrived, my curiosity drove me to the table of KKW and I smelled every single perfume. Everything surprised me, especially the Body EDPBody looked like it was going to smell clean with maybe some hint of musk, but it turns out Kim wanted more than musk in her scent.

The top notes consist of bergamot and peach nectar. It had a sweet scent that made it pleasing. The middle notes were mainly rose and jasmine, which gave off the subtle floral vibes. Lastly, the base notes were made from sandalwood, musk, and golden amber. This gave this clean smell to out it all together. Kim had created a scent that was subtly sweet but refreshing. I didn’t expect it at all, and I’m glad I had tested them out.

I chose this as my fragrance for Friday because aside from it smelling so fresh, it’s one of Ulta’s biggest product drops since they released Storybook Cosmetics, the Morphe x James Charles collaboration, and the debut of Kylie Cosmetics. It’s common for well-known names to refuse to do partnerships with corporate companies such as Ulta and Sephora, but Kylie and Kim have taken the world by storm yet again with the love and respect towards Ulta.

I may not agree with all the things they do, but I will give Kim the credit she deserves for the KKW Fragrance and especially Body. It is a perfume that I wouldn’t mind keeping in my collection. Kim, please keep making fragrances like that. I am glad a scent like that exists! Keep working!

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