Author’s Update

Hello everyone! This is April speaking.

I feel like I’ve been extremely distant from Aries Thoughts and my professional Instagram, and I do apologize for it, but to be honest, I’ve been extremely distant from writing as a whole.

There are a couple of reasonings behind it, and the first being my start to cosmetology school. Last year, I dropped out of college and got screwed over with my payment plan. I had just quit my job and I was living away from home. It was a literal miracle when I got my job at Ulta in the spring and with all the passion, I decided I would attend cosmetology school to get my license.

Being at school is a blessing and I’m so grateful for everyone who supported me and the people I’ve met in school so far (seriously, I’ve never met people so down to earth and so kind), but with school and work combined, I haven’t made the time (or the effort) to write at all. I started writing a bit during my breaks but I never got around to putting anything out in the world.

The second reasoning is creativity. I have so many ideas for new books but I haven’t really thought of anything to post on this website. It’s concerning to me because I work at a cosmetics store… and I go to school for it now. I’ll admit I have a super special book idea and I can’t wait for it to finish so I can announce it, but then there’s like two other books I want to publish but I never bothered. Honestly I’d publish anything to avoid the first two monstrosities I published at seventeen.

The last reason why I haven’t been writing is because lack of ambition. Writing is my passion next to cosmetology, and it’s been used as a hobby and even a coping skill. Lacking all the ambition to do any writing has had a subtle effect on my mental health and it really upsets me to not be able to write anything. Writing means the whole world to me and I will do anything to find that ambition. Every time I look at a screen, I give up immediately and move on with my day. It’s a nasty habit that I’m still trying to break.

I can’t promise I’ll post everyday or every week, but I can promise that I’ll try to post as much as I can, because Aries Thoughts is great, and I love a place where I can talk about my life and the beauty topics I’m fond of.

Stay magic everyone.

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