‘Love and Fear’: Aries Review

I’ve been listening to Marina Diamandis, originally Marina and the Diamonds, since I was a sophomore in high school. Personally, I felt like she was writing songs about me since her release dates for her songs and albums were also dates I had huge teenage epiphanies.

The Family Jewels centers the idea of edgy rebellion and wanting to fight these wild expectations from others. Electra Heart is more about a brand new character, always so focused on love and fulfilling this stereotypical life but ends with failure and regret. FROOT is the album that embraces all that we are, whether it be torn to love, finding your own happiness, and finding that our society as a whole can be morbid.

In my opinion, I find the unreleased albums from each album the most superior, just for the sounds and the stories. Scab and Plaster was always a song I could listen to because it was about being pushed into this lonely world by people you’ve worked to please (which I always saw as this prequel to the first album). Buy the Stars and Living Dead were the songs that defined both failure in this love fantasy but also this ballad to show independence. I’m Not Hungry Anymore was my favorite, and that was the song that was the best transition from FROOT to Love and Fear. The song is more about finding that you don’t feel the need to be somebody but more the change the dreams you’ve always chased and just enjoy the life you’re in now.

Marina took her time (a good three years to be exact) to create an album that focuses on human nature, self love, genuine love, overcoming fear, and having fear. At a time where she felt she couldn’t be a musician anymore, she took time to stay out of this spotlight and focus on herself. Although so far apart from her release of FROOT in 2015, it could easily be told that Love and Fear has been well thought out. Every song, I feel, are created with so much thought and care, that there’s no least favorite song. All these songs are just so moving in their own independent way.

Below are going to be the songs, Marina’s idea of the song, and my own opinion towards each song:

Handmade Heaven:

Handmade Heaven was the first song to be released when Marina announced her double album, tour presale and her return to music.

It’s actually more simple than I thought, but Marina wrote this song because she felt she wanted to be more connected to nature rather than how we have become so adapted to being so digital and separated from where we originate from.

I feel like I haven’t heard anything like this before, mainly because it’s so independent that there’s no social love or complicated purpose; it is simply a newfound connection to the world as it is. This is actually one of my top three songs from Love, because of the writing and way it sounds. I easily picture myself walking through snowy mountains and green forests questioning why I focus so much on all but nature.


Marina explains that Superstar was song centering the idea of a healthy relationship and what it takes to really be in one.

Now, we ALL know (for those who are her fans), that this song is definitely inspired by her own relationship with Jack Patterson of Clean Bandit, who she’s been in a relationship with for the past three and a half years. I can never assume, but seeing the amount of times they’ve worked together and the thank you note she made for him in her album, it comes to show how she’s found happiness in, not only herself, but through a very healthy relationship.

Orange Trees:

Orange Trees is a summer bop that Marina writes inspired by her home in Greece. It shows that she definitely embraces more of her Greek roots in this album. Marina writes about her memories in her hometown and how she embraces that.

This is definitely more personal and hearing that reminds me a lot of being in my mom’s hometown in Mexico. It’s a very warm place with beautiful artwork and such happy people. It gives me that upbeat feeling but also this bittersweet want to go back and have another vacation.

Baby (feat. Luis Fonsi) by Clean Bandit:

As we read how much I miss Mexico, we can already how I feel about this song since Luis Fonsi sings in Spanish throughout the whole song.

The song was written with no intention, but with the plan of making yet another song with Clean Bandit (their first collaboration being Disconnect). It’s about longing for a past love that ended so tragically, but the singer had already found love with another person. Adding the music video makes everything a lot more heartbreaking, as the video is about the main character (being Clean Bandit’s Grace Chatto) getting married to Luis Fonsi and still longing her shattered relationship with musician, Starley, which was looked down upon it seemed in the video.

For those who know me well, then you know I memorize all the lyrics, including the ones in Spanish. I love the work put into the song and no matter how much I play this song, it will always be the one I can break into dance to.

Enjoy Your Life:

This was written by Marina, for Marina. Enjoy Your Life was a song that was a challenge to her, and the challenge being “write something that motivates you and makes you feel inspired”. This helped her out of this unhappy place she was in and it went on to be a song featured in Love.

Okay, this is my number one song off this album, because it’s just so anti-sad. Plus I recalled a day Marina had teased a piece of the song and I knew that was going to be a favorite. I appreciate this song because aside from her inspiring herself, she is now inspiring others to embrace what we are going through and simply enjoy our lives.


True pretty much speaks for itself, as it’s a song that inspires others to really be who you are and to never let anyone tell them otherwise. It comes backed up with an 80’s themed beat and vocals.

I really adore this song for having those vibes since I also really love the 80’s in general. There’s really no way for me to explain True because it’s so easily explained, but all I can really say is it’s a good song that is sort of like a twin sister to Enjoy Your Life.

To Be Human:

Another one of my top three on Love, this song (which is like the sequel to FROOT’s Savages) is about having a hard time understanding what it truly means to be a person, while also pointing out the flaws and the beauty of human nature.

I love this topic, because I see human nature as something that should be so simple but is seen as so complicated. I personally believe Marina is seeing it almost exactly the way I see what it means. To me, I don’t see humans as divided individuals; I don’t really define a person by their religion, their fashion choices, gender, sexuality, skin color, and where they are from, because we are the same. We are people who are simply trying to learn. We are definitely living in a world where through politics and social media, we are taught to fear and have a negative opinions towards others, when we should treat others the way we want to be loved.

End of the Earth:

Being the sister song to To Be Human, this song partners with the other to explain the last line of the last paragraph: treat others the way you want to be loved. Marina created a song to display simple unity.

I very much agree with the idea of the song, since I give away so much love and even get myself hurt in the run. But I would rather love others than to be closed minded and shame them for being themselves.

Believe in Love:

Believe in Love is such a real song, since it was written to find this trust in the person you feel you’re going to have a strong relationship in, but there’s this wall built from all the times you’ve been hurt in the past. It feels like this uptempo ballad to try to love rather than simply give up.

I feel like I’m going to have a lot more opinions about Fear, but this is my blog so this is perfectly valid.

I have all my fears of trusting others and wanting to start new beginnings with new people, but I have had this wall built around me, along with this thought that “if you’re open to understanding, then I can’t really talk to you” (that probably explains why some others refer to me as off sometimes…), and it took my new friends to confront me and say that I needed to open up my heart and really tell them how I feel or else I’m going to make myself feel miserable.

So to my close friends at school, we now have a theme song for me when I feel that way now.

Life is Strange:

This song was written to relate to others. I feel Marina wrote this song to accept the fears in life but also just remind everyone that everyone deals with this idea that life has it’s humongous obstacle.

I honestly see this song as my daily theme song, since I have no idea what I’m doing and where I’m going to go in life. Right now, I have plenty of fears that nothing is going to come out right and that I have no control of my own issues but hey, that’s just life…


Another song worth the wait, You is about having that one person in your life that you get beaten down by, but they mean so much to you that you can’t help but need them.

You is my subtle shoutout to those who have been in my life for so long, but have put me in a dark place where I have purposefully stayed away. This is a song I feel is the most understandable, because I can see people have gone through a situation like that, and that others can relate and build from it.


Marina wrote this one to be more about individuals who feel like they are in a high enough position to get away with everything and everything (ex. Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, R. Kelly, etc.), but eventually they’ll get themselves exposed one way or the other. But alas, it is all karma.

To be very personal, it was well deserved and I am a believer in karma, especially when people are very nasty towards others, whether it be through assault or simply being toxic. Just be nice to others! How hard is that for people?

Emotional Machine:

This song got so many of Marinas fans raving when she and artist Broods came out on stage at the end of last year to perform this in New York. She wrote this to explain the change in feelings the more and more feelings came to hurt throughout relationships with others.

This is probably the best song off of the whole album. I relate to this song harder than any song and the beat is extraordinary, the harmony and melody just blows me away. That, I say, is music.

Too Afraid:

 This song centers the idea of being scared to adapt to new settings and situations, but pushing to make the change when your significant other is okay with such change. Marina really likes to collaborate the idea of love and fear because they suit each other in many if not all situations.

This song is also one of those “hey this song is about me” songs, because we have all gone through that stage where we have that special someone, but we’re just afraid of doing something brand new (whether it be me finally moving out or my friends working on their first client in the salon). And it’s not a bad thing to have that fear, because it’s only a small piece of human nature.

No More Suckers:

No More Suckers was written more as a vent towards those who are just very toxic; the people who take advantage and like to praise others when all they do is victimize for unnecessary situations. I don’t think there are many songs like this one, especially if it’s directed towards a group of people rather than a specific person.

Personally, this is a song I can relate to, and to a multitude of people I have found to be incredibly toxic and who I’ve had to cut out of my life due to uncomfortable situations. I like how it’s more upbeat rather than a ballad. It reminds me more of The Family Jewels but more like FROOT during the chorus and bridge. So, if we couldn’t tell, this is one of my top three from all of Fear.

Soft to Be Strong:

Another song about being afraid of love as a whole, Soft to be Strong is more focused on how to get rid of that fear and teaching yourself to accept the strength you build while in love. To Marina, it was never about trying to be tough to love, but to be softer and more delicate, especially if you put your significant other before your needs.

This gave me quite the Adele vibes along with some Lana vibes. The best part in the song was definitely the bridge, because it sounded more intense when the rest of the song was softer and included a subtle piano line.

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