Why I Downsized My Makeup Collection

When I started my path in the makeup realm, I had assumed I was going to live life like an influencer; getting all these expensive foundations and eyeshadow palettes and wearing dramatic makeup on the daily. Flash forward to now, where I have gone through every palette and every piece of makeup I found and I decided: I don’t need any of this.

As someone who wants to work with cosmetics, I would like to review certain products in the long run, but I wouldn’t know what to do with said products. If I were to become a freelance makeup artist, I would use them on different clients, but at the end of the day, when it comes to personal use, I have learned to embrace less coverage on my face.

Honestly, I’ve been using lighter coverage foundation and using less setting powder so I come out with this dewy finish. I feel like the only thing I’ve been using often is highlighter and I refuse to donate those.

But anyways, onto why I decided to downsize, well, I personally saw myself being generous and using my eyeshadow palettes on others rather than others. Plus aside from that, I wanted to wear less makeup on my face so I can let my skin breathe a little more.

When I got my job working with all things related to cosmetics, I ended up with twenty different eyeshadow palettes, and to me, that is a lot of palettes. When I put together my makeup kit for school, I ended up with only seven palettes, and those are the palettes I use the most: Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Riviera, Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam, and Norvina palettes, Colourpop’s collaboration with Kathleen Lights (one of my favorite influencers), The Zodiac Palette and Loose Pigments, Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Palette, and the Morphe and James Charles Artistry Palette. Those are the only palettes I use on my eyes. I even threw some mascaras I haven’t opened yet along with liquid shadows I don’t touch and extra product that is waiting to be used.

Downsizing felt so calming, and I felt less congested with product. I love my life surrounding beauty and cosmetics, but I think I prefer being minimalistic.

If you’re someone like me, who enjoys the art but on others, then I say keep your collection to a minimum, but definitely invest in some good items when it comes to applying makeup on others. It made me feel so free, and I bet it’ll be helpful when you go through everything and see what you really use the most.

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