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What I Like About Every Sign

I feel like I never mention this, but there was a day I wanted to be open to many belief systems and although I personally find every outlet beautiful, I turned more towards astrology.

Right, I know what you mean, star signs and reading horoscopes, but astrology doesn’t mean just those two. There’s actually multiple sections to you that align with the stars and that alignment creates the person you are. For example, my sun sign, Aries, shows that I’m a very outgoing person and that I’m open to confrontation and I can be impulsive and feisty. But that’s just my sun sign, my rising sign, on the other hand, is in Taurus, which means when people meet me, I can come off as timid and delicate but can get very aggressive when provoked.

Reading more into astrology has given me an expanded mindset on people and why they act in certain ways. I don’t have a sign that I hate but I do have favorites. Each sign has a piece of them that has impressed me and gives me a good vibe. So today I’m going to share what I like about all twelve signs, whether it be in your third house or your Mars sign.


Aries are the coolest signs alive (well, I’m an Aries if we haven’t noticed). There’s honestly so much I can say about Aries that make me feel good. They are very upbeat and loud people. No matter what, they will always find a way to have a good time and encourage others around them to do the same. They are shameless and fierce people.


I work with mostly Taurus’ and they are the most chill people I’ve met. They’re really down to earth and live to joke, but they are always so classy. I feel like they know how to have fun but they keep their loved ones grounded. Genuinely good people!


I can openly admit that Gemini are my most favorite sign in astrology (and surprise! I’m not a Gemini!) These people are the most entertaining and the best when it comes to roasting (proof: my teacher roasts me most of the time during class). Aside from humor, these are very logical people who dwell in deep conversations and it just makes them so mesmerizing. Honestly if I could marry anyone as goofy as my Aries, I would pick a Gemini.


So long story short, a lot of my ex friends are Cancers, BUT that’s not going to convince me that they’re the worst ever; they have a good side to them. My current friends in cosmetology school are mostly Cancers and I adore them. Cancers are very motherly and when they hit their low points, they’re open to the support from their loved ones (good for me since I’m a Taurus rising). They’re just very lovable.


Okay, but Leo’s are always the stars of the show. I like them for their constant humor and enthusiasm. They’re fearless and go for everything. Those people are always ready for any challenge. Leo’s are just the cool people in my life. That’s pretty much all I can say about them.


Virgos are very majestic from my perspective. From the people I’ve met who are Virgo, they have such amazing organizing skills and speak with such grace. They always complete every goal they set up for themselves. I’ve never been close to a Virgo before, but I feel like if I do, I’d appreciate it for their genuine kindness.


Libras are like the subtle version of Leo’s. They live for the attention but not as much drama as the fire signs usually do. They are very artistic and love weird things. My sister is a Libra and putting us in a room together is awkward but in a good way. We make such cringe jokes together and love to get our nieces attention (clearly she likes her fellow fire sign more, sorry sis).


Scorpios are definitely the most dramatic of the water signs but I admit they are my favorite water sign. Have you ever seen a beach, but it’s on fire? Yeah, that’s what a Scorpio is. A majority of my best friends are Scorpios and seeing them having fun and being daring are some reasons why I like them so much. Fun fact: they ALWAYS have good taste in music. I never met a Scorpio who had bad taste in music.


As a lunar Sagittarian and the daughter of a Sagittarius, I will say that these people are the most daring and they clearly complete me. Sagittarius really like to take charge and make a plan. They can never do something out of impulse like an Aries but they sure have good taste in all things lavish (this must be why I prefer high end brands on occasion). Another thing I like about these people is that they are direct and are not afraid to speak their minds.


Capricorn’s have shown both good and bad sides to me, but I’ve always had a preference for the women of the sign (look, I dated a Capricorn man for a while… didn’t turn out well, I got ghosted). They surprise you with their fun side and like to dwell in literature and visual arts. I see they live for deep conversation and me being a Taurus rising, I admire deep talks and open minds, and Capricorn’s have that trait.


Aquarian’s are straight up people and although blunt and sometimes emotionless, these guys seem to vibe well with every sign I have. These people are just so weird and it definitely attracts my signs and my sense of humor. I have no issue with these people and I’ve learned to accept them all and to coexist with them.


Pisces are surprisingly the people I love to hang around. A couple of my close friends are Pisces and at first, I thought I could care less about these people, but once I noticed my connection to the fish people, I see they love subtle drama and have good taste in fashion. They clearly don’t take shit from anyone and will tell you straight up, but live for good vibes and embrace those in moments of need.

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