My Secret to Flawless Skin

From what we’ve all read in “Why I Downsized My Makeup Collection”, I have been focusing on having a nice dewy but flawless look, however lightweight. I donated the rest of my makeup to my kits went in search of what makes my skin look flawless.

I tried sticking with BB creams last year and it nearly worked, but I saw my skincare wasn’t really helping. Eventually, with working with Ulta Beauty for so long, I received the first piece of my recipe; the Becca First Light Priming Filter.

This primer is probably my ride or die for all primers! The formula makes the skin feel hydrated and does a hint of brightening and just small hints of plumping. It is the perfect start to this flawless skin formula I made for myself.

becca primer

The next step was an introduction from a close friend at work and it was a rundown of the Hello Happy Foundation from Benefit Cosmetics. I feel like anytime I wear this foundation, I get so many compliments on how I look flawless and I always get asked if I have no foundation on. Nope! I just have Benefit’s Hello Happy on! It’s a soft blur formula that has SPF 15 literally feels so weightless. This is the foundation I’ve been looking for this whole time!

benefit hello happy

I went to a training session for a brand created by ICON Giuliana Rancic, where she introduced her skincare line, including these ‘booster drops’ that she explained are the perfect addition to a skincare routine or simply to make your makeup look more dewy. Of course, I experimented and it was what I needed to perfect this dewy look! I like to mix all of them together, but on some days I like to stick with one bottle (they have three; one for hydrating, brightening and another for calming). I feel like I talk about the Booster Drops all the time on my Instagram, but it’s because it really makes that difference during your makeup routine!

fountain of truth

To prevent creases in my smile lines and those weird lines I have my forehead, I set with a light amount of Dermablend Illuminating Banana Powder. I believe that’s the best powder ever to be created. I add a tad bit more around the line areas, but the rest has to be light or else my face will feel like a literal desert.

dermablendmario badescu spray

The very last product that I use is a classic. I set my face none other than the Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray. It smells fantastic, it’s an all natural brand, and it’s hydrating! A good spray of this, and you’ll have the flawless Instagram skin everyone is looking for!

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