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Ten Months on Sugarbear Hair: The TEA

It’s almost a year since I started using the Sugarbear Hair vitamins, and I still have no complaints about the performance! I started taking these vitamins in August after a sponsored post from my favorite influencer, Hailie Barber, and thought hmm, maybe I should try them and see what the hype is.

We started selling them at Ulta, so after my shift, I picked up one bottle and went on from there. I took two daily and at first, I noticed nothing, so I was immediately convinced this was going to go wrong. HOWEVER, within a month I noticed I had a lot less hair fallout than I did prior, so I was slowly getting convinced. I didn’t see much hair growth, so I decided to let my Aries tendencies kick in and bought the whole six month package.

Within the six month package, I received six months worth of the hair vitamins, a bamboo brush, and a cute fuzzy makeup bag. They also throw some other things like wristbands and stickers, which I absolutely adore.

Sugarbear Hair’s main ingredients is of course, Biotin, which is a vitamin that focuses specifically on hair and nail growth. Biotin also focuses on nerve damage and mainly women take biotin vitamins (although we encourage men to take these vitamins if they need to). Folic acid is another big ingredient and that is a vitamin that treats those with any blood deficiencies like anemia and can benefit to women are pregnant and want to get pregnant. The final big ingredient is Vitamin C, which battles high blood pressure, brightening your skin, and giving you a natural boost. Sugarbear Hair also has Vitamins A-E, Vitamin B-6 and B-12, Iodine, Zinc, and the list goes on.

Another perk to the product is that it’s vegetarian, gluten, soy and cruelty free, which is good for those who want a vitamin with no animal product or is allergic to gluten.

When I had read the benefits of each vitamin, I was really excited, because I am someone who has anemia and I am so bad at taking care of myself. I try to drink as much water and tea, and I attempt to eat the right foods, but I hate vegetables and I also don’t like taking pills, so receiving these vitamins was a true blessing.

The more I took these, I started to notice my hair was growing a lot faster, which is EXACTLY what I wanted! Clearly, I trim my hair and even chopped a good amount of it in April, but it’s still growing faster than it did before I had taken these vitamins.

Another is the feeling of my hair. After I went blonde, I was doing everything I can to make my hair soft and smooth. I have my own recipe to my soft hair, but before I had all of it in my hands, all I needed to have just the right amount of softness was the Sugarbear Hair vitamins. These made my hair feel stronger and, like I stated prior, prevented most of the falling of my hair. Clearly, we can’t stop hair loss because we lose about a thousand strands a day, but this prevented three thousand strands falling out of my head!

Now let’s talk about nails. I know the bottle doesn’t talk about nail growth, but it makes your nails grow so much more! This was another thing I noticed in a month and a half. My nails are usually very brittle and i have a habit of tearing them off since they break off so easily. They’re still a little damaged since I get acrylics from time to time, but aside from that, my nails aren’t they length they were before.

So Aries Thoughts? Sugarbear Hair works well with me and I love them! The bottles and the formula are aesthetically pleasing, but do the job as promised. The company has really adorable merchandise and are really sweet with communicating and the product is worth the buy. You can find Sugarbear Hair on their website or at Ulta Beauty!


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