An Aries Thought on Leo Season

Leo season has arrived, and I’m pretty sure a lot of us has felt that surge of confidence hit us! The Leo is probably what I feel is the most confident and boastful sign there is. Leo’s are known to be very out there, and always one to talk about anything to anyone.

Now, I’m an Aries sun with a Sagittarius in my moon, which are both fire signs. With Leo being a fire sign, that really enhances the feeling of those with a fire sign (Aries, Sagittarius and Leo). Whether it be in your sun sign or in your chart, there will be certain parts of you that will be a lot more confident. So let’s say my moon sign, for example, is in Sagittarius. It’s a fire sign and the moon represents your emotions. My emotions this season are set to be very strong and sometimes I will get very opinionated.

Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, which kind of explains why everyone says Leo’s are always the center of attention. I love attention, so I totally understand where Leos come from and being related to quite the handful of Leos, I’ve grown to love every single one of them! The sun, which is also the center of attention within the self, represents the ego and self identity, so with Leo and the sun taking control of the month of August, we’re definitely in for a series of doing the wants instead of the needs. We’re going to want to do more adventurous things and enjoying the self rather than sticking to the usual routine of getting your chores done.

Leo is known to be the egotistical sign and with that, I see a lot of us are going to focus more on ourselves, whether it be for the good or for the bad. There’s not a day that goes by where I see a Cancer go through a huge change and announce they’re going to focus on something significant in their life and hope for the better, and it always happens around the time of the lion. Me being an Aries, I love to focus on myself and treat myself (damn these impulse purchases, however…), but my Taurus rising makes me stubborn with that treat yo’self  vibe at times.

One thing I’m looking forward to for Leo season is that MERCURY RETROGRADE IS COMING TO AN END!!! Mercury Retrograde is when the planet goes in this somewhat “backward” motion and in astrology, it causes a lot change and some negative outcomes. For example, people can get a flat tire or someone fails a test they were studying on. For me, I got really sick the week it started and I got overly emotional, debating my career. Mercury Retrograde is awful and I am beyond happy and relieved that it’s over!

Another thing is that we are also having Venus enter Leo as well, meaning our relationships with others will be getting more passionate.

Overall, I am looking forward for Leo season and the days I’m going to have this month. I have two Leo birthdays to celebrate and I get to go to Lollapalooza this year, so I’m for sure going to show off my outfits and fashion choices as much as possible this month (maybe I should post a Lolla fashion portfolio. Thoughts???) But also because we’re out of Mercury Retrograde, I was tired of being sad over life.

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