An Aries Thought On Colored Hair

About two weeks ago, I got my hair done, and now it’s pink. I haven’t had my hair fully colored in a while, and only half of my hair was colored. I usually have mixed feelings when it comes to having colored hair, mainly because I love natural colors as well. Would I go back to my natural hair color? Of course. Would I go back to being a blonde? Definitely. My hair will always being a wild card, however.

Now let’s talk about natural hair color. This can range from your natural blondes to red heads and brunettes. My hair is simply brown. As a brunette and from my own experience, my hair is pretty soft and feels so strong when it was that color. In my personal opinion, my hair was a lot shinier when I had brown hair (it’s going to be really shiny when I grow it out thanks to my Sugarbear vitamins lmao). I’m doing everything I can as of now to grow out my natural color, while staying away from lighteners. Soon I will want to go back to my natural color and definitely get some length in, so that’s why I haven’t colored it at all. Overall, my Aries Thought on natural color is always a positive!

My first hair color done was my former favorite color: purple. When I was in high school, I was obsessed with dark clothes and darker colors, so purple fit in perfectly. I still think the color is nice but definitely not for present day me. When I had it done, it suited me, and it looked good. I personally think purple is a really easy color to work with, because it fades to a nice pink sometimes and it looks good up or brushed down. Would I get it done again? No. Not anymore. I feel like that is a part of me that is now in the past and will never come back. It really did get repetitive after a while of getting done. I know some people love doing the same things over and over again, but my Aries vibes prevent that. I get bored fast and want newness, hence the multiple colors I’ve had. So, the thoughts on purple? Cute, but no longer for me.

Now let’s talk my least favorite color. It was the time my hair was turquoise. I was convinced I was the only one who dyed my hair and was inspired by the one and only Halsey. It was really cute when I got it done and since I wore my hair down a lot in high school, it looked very Halsey inspired. Within time, it started to fade and become this weird green color. I personally felt so attacked by this seafoam green color and I wanted to shave my head. Turquoise and teal require a lot of maintenance (which is why Halsey managed to have her color for so long), so if you’re someone who is flexible with that, then go for it. Otherwise, my thought is a no. I love how turquoise looks better brushed down but I wouldn’t go back to it.

The color I had for the longest time was my blonde hair. I remembered my high school ex boyfriend told me he didn’t like me as a blonde and I was convinced I was never going to be blonde after the first time. Flash forward to 2018, two years after being told that, I go to my store’s salon and I ask them to dye my hair blonde. Blonde was one of my absolute favorite hair colors done on me. Blonde, in my opinion, just felt right on me. I loved the natural blonde color on me so much, it was the longest hair color to ever sit on my head. Another reason why I love the blonde so much is that it was the easiest to maintain. All I needed to get rid of any brassiness was simply purple shampoo and conditioner. It also looked so good in braids and updos. So, the Aries Thought? Blonde hair will always be approved here.

Alright, enough talk about all these colors; let me talk about the best hair color ever to sit on the cortex inside of my hair. The best hair color ever to exist is pink. Pink is and has been my favorite color for a while now (it’s about time we moved on to pink instead of dark purple), and have light pink hair is so fun and it helps give off my bubbly vibe. Pink is just as fun in braids just like blonde is and as it fades out, it still looks really nice. The only thought here is that pink hair will always be accepted. I do prefer it in different styles, but it still looks good brushed down. So, the thought? Hell to the yes. Forever.

4 thoughts on “An Aries Thought On Colored Hair

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