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Fragrance Feels: Bondi Beach Day by b.bungalow

It’s the end of summer and we couldn’t have ended it without talking about my most used fragrance of the season.

I wasn’t expecting myself to talk about fragrances for a while, mainly because I was using the same two fragrances a day, but then earlier in the summer, I was invited to a launch party from The Beachwaver. The brand, who also owns sister brand b.bungalow, released a set of haircare products and a set of fragrances. I ended up receiving a goodie bag filled with a roller ball of the Bondi Beach Day fragrance and it has not been put down since the minute I tried it.

Okay, have you ever smelled Beachwaver hair products? That’s what this fragrance smells like. It’s just as if you walked into a beach and were enjoying the sun setting with the warm sand cooling down on your feet.

The main notes in the fragrance are Mexican vanilla orchids and Caribbean coconut, so we can already imagine that it’s a very summer-y/vacation-y smell.

Personally, I like a good floral and fruity smell, but that’s because they all remind me of the spring. The Bondi Beach Day is a total game changer for me and gives me a reason to really enjoy the summer as it should be: with beach days and sea salt waves.

Another thing about the Bondi Beach Day is that it is a simple fragrance. It doesn’t have so many notes like top prestige brands normally have. It’s just a nice smelling fragrance with a small list of notes. And with only two notes, it smells so so good.

Overall, I think this is going to be my summer scent (or my scent for when I go on a tropical vacation) for the rest of my life. I really love the brand and the owners of the Beachwaver and b.bungalow and I really love the line of new items they released. My favorite will always be the Bondi Beach Day fragrance.

Bondi Beach Day can only be purchased on the b.bungalow website and it retails for $68, and the travel size for $32.

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