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An Aries Thought on Relationships

Hello there! I have been quite inactive for a while. I’ve been busy working and focusing on my personal life, which includes my current relationship with my boyfriend. I feel like having me stay away from blogging and posting as frequently as I used to gave me a nice space to breathe and appreciate a lot of things I have and do. But now I am back and I am so ready to write and just talk about my personal thoughts and definitely talk makeup and, of course, astrology!

For this post, I decided to get personal and just talk about my journey from having past relationships to ending up single and now, in a really nice and committed relationship. I usually hate talking about this, but I love dropping hints and throwing my casual shade on Twitter…

I know there are people who always look to Seventeen and Cosmopolitan for those cute love articles and those horoscopes in relations to pleasing your s.o, but as a young Aries who also has a Taurus in Venus and a Sagittarius moon, I am a sucker for love but I have some crazy emotions, and I know some people out there can relate.

I am here to just chat about my experiences and just throw advice to those who had or have the same situations going on. And I’m down to talk astrology or just morals and common sense in general because I admit, some of my exes are dumb and I can’t just deny that. So if you’re reading this and you just wanna chat about that Taurus ex who didn’t want to commit or the Aquarius who wasn’t emotionally available, then tweet me and I’ll be happy to reach out!

Sex and the Horny Cancer:

I remembered in high school when I was just starting to date, I found myself liking a lot of emotionally unavailable people or people who just wanted to get sexually active. As a teen, I just wanted to have an s.o who wanted to go on dates and look cute in pictures. Due to my Taurus in Venus, I am VERY invested in relationships. AND with that comes being so stubborn, so I’ll do the very most for my s.o, but also expect to get cuddled and have my hand held, etc. Sex at the time was never a thought and I never wanted to dive into that until I knew I was ready. However, my Cancer boyfriend at the time, was very determined to get down and dirty. I never dug into his chart, but I know he had some devious signs in there because he admitted he wanted to hook up with one of his best friends and cheated on me with my ex best friend…

Lesson learned everybody: cheating is not cool. Open relationships: totally different thing and although I’m not one to support that in my own relationships, I support the decision of anyone in an open relationship. But yeah, if you have gotten cheated on, they suck, you’re a total star queen.

So when it comes to sex, I’m definitely lenient, as long as protection is present and so on. Back then, it was never an option. I know some others have their opinions on waiting until marriage or until they find someone right, and that’s okay too. My Aries Thought on sex is just do it when it feels right. With that cancer? Nope.

The Love Story:

We’re going to bring back that subject about emotionally unavailable people and talk about the Aquarius ex I had. Now, this is going to get a little deep and I do apologize, but hey, we’re here to talk about my journey and my advice. I had liked this guy since freshmen year and I was convinced I was in love with him. He was very manipulative and had told me we were going to get married and go to college together and live these crazy lives together. Little did we know, he couldn’t really process his emotions towards me since he couldn’t figure out how to take care of himself (kind of easy to tell, some Aquarians tend to be a little low on emotion).

I won’t ever hold anyone for having to battle their own mental illnesses and personal issues at home, but this guy has hit me in the face and almost got me pregnant, and even boasted about dumping me after he sent me crying to the train station. Do I think he has a chance to grow? Yes. Is he a bad guy? Well, that’s debatable, it’s both yes and no.

Ladies and gents and all, if someone convinces you are crazy for questioning your relationship, that is called gaslighting, and I will fight them. Same goes for getting hit or manipulation, that is abusive and you all deserve better.

This was definitely a lesson learned for me and I’m glad that I got to grow from the relationship. I wished I had never dove into the relationship, but no one can rewrite the past so all we can do is grow and move on.

Lazy Taurus?

The cringiest thing I’ve done was develop a crush on one of my best friends. Has anyone else done that and ruin the friendship. It was insane. We went on a date the week he and his abusive girlfriend broke up and after the date, he got back together with her. I think we buried the hatchet, but I knew he was an idiot for his decisions; he also very invested in his relationships (well he is a Taurus).

I remember clearly we got back into contact with each other and I drunk texted him, flirting with him, and somehow, he thought we were in love.

After having him say he couldn’t go on a single date with me, but act like we were married through text, I gave him a lecture about relationships and if he wasn’t adult to step up and attempt at least one thing, I did not want to continue this little thing going.

He clearly didn’t learn his lesson as he super liked me on Tinder as if I would go back to that.

My Aries Thought: LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CAN LOVE ANYONE ELSE. And commit! I think some people tend to struggle with putting others needs before their own and it gives them such a hard time with committing to future relationships. If you can’t take care of yourself before jumping into anything, you will feel out of sorts. Treat yoself! Buy yourself that Chanel parfum before you can buy it for any s.o! You are above anyone, and that’s the tea.

Mr. Italian Capricorn:

Who’s ready to talk about ghosting????? I was going out with this guy, and it seemed like things were going well, until he stopped talking to me for three months.

He randomly texted me apologizing to me and wanted to “meet up” again. Hmmm…. I met him at a coffee shop and told him all the reasons why he was wrong and said I was no longer interested in seeing him unless he wanted to try being friends to build my trust. He ghosted me again and I haven’t spoken to that guy in more than a year.

Ghosting is simple; don’t do it. If you don’t like someone, just tell them you no longer want to see them. Boo hoo, they’re sad, but they’ll meet someone else. Don’t be lame and just leave them wondering what’s the deal.

I know sometimes there are mixed feelings about ghosting. Personally I don’t like it, but I’m curious to hear others thoughts on it, so please let me know!

The Single Road:

So let me be honest: I loved being single. When I was single, I had no one to put my emotions towards. I mean, yes, there are the crushes and celebrity heartthrobs, but I didn’t have to go out of my way to see anyone, or buy stuff for.

I had a lot of time to try new things by myself and go out for “me days” and it really helped with me preparing for a new relationship. I was seeing different people, but I was single and out of a relationship for three years. To me, it felt like forever, and I was not complaining.

I am an Aries. We are so independent. I love being in a relationship, but I also love my own space and doing my own thing. If you love being single or have someone who respects your space, good for you! If you prefer the dating life, that’s also really nice! I would just say embrace your single life, because it’s definitely a time for you to learn new things about yourself. Being in a relationship, you learn about the other person and how you are around them, but being single can help prepare for it. Embrace it.

So Two Aries Walk in a Bar:

Flash forward to this year, and I end up matching with someone from the suburbs. I agree to go on one date, and I have never met someone so kind and caring. This is my sixth month dating my boyfriend and I’m still very happy.

It was great to find someone with similar interests and someone willing to learn about you while also loving to talk about anything and everything.

I found someone who makes me feel good about myself and makes me see all the good in everything. There are things he doesn’t like about himself, but I love those things, and it goes the other way around. His Venus aligns so nicely with me and I can go on and on about how much I care about this guy.

Chris, if you’re reading this, you are a rad dude and we make a great pair.

If you are not my boyfriend and you are reading this, then I hope you are with someone or find someone who fits you like a puzzle piece. Find your perfect Virgo who will cook for you. Find that Scorpio who will discuss theories with you. Find the person who makes you feel whole. If you prefer the single life, then that’s also okay. Just find the person that makes you happy, and it can either be you or someone special.


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