Songs Getting Me Through the Day

Hello there Star Babes! It feels good to finally get back into writing. I feel like I really fell off hard on my blogging (I mean, I haven’t been on this guy since December). So, a lot of things happened in my life: I moved, my boyfriend and I got a puppy (if you want puppy pics, follow my Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat- @starqueenapril, @april.gonz47, @sapiter47), and obviously, we went into quarantine.

Quarantine has been incredibly hard for me, especially since I had to celebrate my twenty-first birthday inside and apart from close friends. I was happy to be with my family, however. I do miss the people I’m used to seeing everyday, especially coworkers and family who live on other parts of the city. This is a crazy time, and I’m always hoping for the best for everyone; those including people who’ve caught the virus, people worried over family and friends with Covid-19, those whose jobs have been affected by the pandemic and much more.

With me, my mental health has been affected and I get crazy depressive episodes when I overthink everything. Luckily for me, I’ve been using music to cope and to keep me occupied while I’m inside my apartment. In this post, I’m going to share some uplifting music for those who either need something to cheer you up during tough times, or even just a new song to listen to. I hope everyone is doing well, and soon we’ll all be able to go outside and celebrate human life once again. Stay safe, stay inside, and I hope you enjoy the songs I share!


Kacey Musgraves

Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves:

This has been a nice friendly reminder in the form of a song, that everything will be okay again. Kacey Musgraves is one of my favorite artists and a song like Rainbow is a nice tune to play, especially during a gloomy day or a really rough day. I like playing this song on my keyboard at home.

Some lyrics: You hold tight to your umbrella, well, darlin’ I’m just tryin’ to tell ya
That there’s always been a rainbow hangin’ over your head…


dreamcatcher kpop

Red Sun by Dreamcatcher:

If you’re looking for a song that’s just a dark but hyped bop, this is the song. If anyone wasn’t aware, I am a KPOP stan, and one of the groups I’ve been getting into was Dreamcatcher. And if you’re someone who likes bands like Evanescence, Doll Skin, etc., you will like this group.

This has been one of my favorite songs by the group and it gives me such ~vampire queen vibes~

I recommend this song highly. Listen to it. Enjoy the vocals. Enjoy the rap. If you watch the music video, enjoy the visuals and the choreography.

Some lyrics: The maze keeps morphing, once the cold mist surrounds you, you won’t remember…

blackpink kill this love

Kill This Love by Blackpink:

This is a song I’ve, not only been listening to, but dance practicing to. Obviously, Blackpink is the biggest female girl group in the KPOP industry, and they deserve that recognition (when is the comeback? I have no clue but I hope it’s soon).

It’s still a song I need to work on when it comes to dance practicing, but practice makes perfect! The song itself is not a bad one at all either; Kill This Love is not my favorite from the girl group but it never fails to get me into the badass mood

Some lyrics: Cling onto the edge of the cliff if you want it, with just one word, you’re starstruck again

Solar Spit it OUt

Spit it Out by Solar:

If this ends up being a lot of KPOP songs, I do apologize, I’ve been listening to a lot of it recently. Now, let’s talk about this song released a couple days ago by Mamamoo’s very own Solar. This song centers around that empowering topic of just being yourself, regardless of what people want out of you and sometimes it’s best to just spit it out to those who’ve demanded more out of you.

I love the song and what it means. I loved everything about the video and every outfit Solar wore.

If you are someone who loves a good female anthem, Solar’s song would very much make it into the category.

Some lyrics: Words I always heard from my mom since I was young, I am as I am, here how I wish. Now call my na na name


dua lipa future nostalgia

Physical by Dua Lipa:

We love a good homage to the classic “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton John. Whether you’re listening to the collab with Hwasa of Mamamoo or the original, Dua Lipa throws out a huge 80’s throwback that has everyone from my puppy to my grandmother dancing.

When I hear this song, all I think about is dancing so I pretend I’m in a dance club. This song is for the nights when you know you want to go out, but given the circumstance, you can’t. Even if you have nowhere to go, you should still out some glam on and jam to this song at home. I can also guarantee we’ll be hearing this song everywhere when we go back to the parties and clubs again.

Some lyrics: Lights out and follow the noise, baby keep on dancing like you ain’t got a choice


ariana grande

Be Alright by Ariana Grande:

Be Alright is very much like Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves, except instead of being a ballad like Rainbow, Be Alright is an upbeat bop (very much fitting into Ariana’s style of pop).

This song is for those who want an uplifting song but without the tears (every song you find by Ariana Grande in general requires no tears left to cry, get it?). When I listen to this song I get flashbacks to when I saw her at Lollapalooza, and I also remember all the times I would play this song in the car. The lyrics repeat themself, so it’s really easy to get this song stuck in your head.

Some lyrics: Baby, don’t you know, all o’them tears gon’ come and go. Baby you just gotta make up your mind that every little thing is gonna be alright



Oh My God by (G)I-DLE:

Every time I hear Soyeon’s part, I scream “TINY RAP QUEEN”. Oh My God is the girl groups newest comeback song, which includes incredible dancing and Oscar-worthy performances in the music video.

It is a song that you least expect to listen to but it just has this way of capturing you. Everyone’s role in the song fits so nicely together and to make matters better, there’s the original Korean version, and an English version. I listen to both because they’re equally great.

Some lyrics: Losing all my senses when you pull me close, I don’t know how to let go of this passion, so just burn me with your loving



Dancing Like Butterfly Wings by Ateez:

As an Atiny, I had to slide my favorite fire boys in here. I could’ve put any song (like Answer could’ve been a good option and Hala Hala too), but I feel like this song is more ‘feel good’.

You can listen to this song whenever you’re feeling down or inspired to try something new. Dancing Like Butterfly Wings gives off this classic boyband vibe with their own twist of rap and vocals. It’s a unique song and if I were to have a playlist for my daily life, I would gladly add this song to it.

*Quick Note: Jongho has iconic vocals*

Some lyrics: We don’t wanna fall deep down. We don’t wanna lose our mind. We won’t stop until we get there…



Enjoy Your Life by MARINA:

Marina is hands down my favorite musician and songwriter out there and this song well deserves a spot on this post.

Enjoy Your Life is a simple reminder, that when things go wrong and you don’t know what’s going to happen next, all we must do is enjoy life. Marina wrote this song as a letter to herself and eventually it became a song.

This is a good upbeat song to play almost everyday. It’s the best reminder that at the end of the day, we’ll be okay and we must enjoy life, even from the inside.

Some lyrics: Never think we get out of this black hole, but you’re not living in this world alone, alone…


Feel Special Twice

Feel Special by Twice:

In my opinion, everyone should be playing this song, but also give everyone around you a hug. The iconic Twice song centers around the group and how there’s always that *special* someone to remind them how important they are to them.

There’s really no words I can use to describe how incredible the choreography, music video, outfit choices, lyrics, etc., are to me. During my time in quarantine, this is the song I’ve been able to learn in full and it’s so fun.

It’s currently “My Current Bop” on my blog, if anyone is interested in playing it over here.

Some lyrics: One moment I feel like I’m nothing at all, like no one would notice if I were gone. But then when I hear you calling me, I feel loved, I feel so special….

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